Kim Marie

Supporting women to find the middle way between success at the cost of selling your soul and playing small at the cost of success. I serve as a catalyst to Awaken Your Inner Wisdom and align with your Soul as you Remember who you are, Reconnect to what matters, Re-envision what's possible, and Rebirth yourself into that new vision.

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Romancing Nature

Romancing Nature Her wrath is ferocious.Her love and sustenance unconditional.She is decisive, knowing exactly Her needs, and perseveres to ensure they’re met.She is predictable, yet mysterious.Rhythm is critical to Her, as is chaos.She thrives in darkness. She thrives in light.She is warm and expressive. She is cool and intentional.Healthy masculinity and femininity are harmonized within …

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Reconciling Polarities

The Pain of Separation One of the most challenging things we’re faced with as human beings is the reconciliation of polarities.  The material world is filled with polarities, two extremes that seem to be in complete opposition to each other…light and dark, inner needs and outer demands, material limitations and spiritual freedom, and so many …

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