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Find Joy In Life Again

What does it mean to be re-enchanted with and find joy in life? 

The middle way is our balance point of empowerment, a place where we as women can feel empowered to move forward on our path in life.

One of the things I hear so often from women is, “I feel disenchanted. Life is not what I thought it was gonna be. It’s like my life is not my own. I don’t know myself anymore. I don’t know my life anymore. What has happened?”

What Does Enchantment or Joy Mean For You?

We’ve lost touch with the joy, happiness, and peace that life can bring. The sense of playfulness and creativity has also slipped away. So, what does enchantment mean to you?

In fairytales, we often come across enchanted castles where everything may not be functioning as it should. Here, I’m using the term “enchantment” in a slightly different way to describe our zest or joy for life, and our ability to truly be alive. It embodies our capacity to sing our own unique song, which is essentially what enchantment is all about.

Deep within us, our Soul carries a song that yearns to be sung. 

Are you singing it? Do you trust yourself enough to let it resonate? If not, what has caused this disenchantment with life? Who have you become that has distanced you from the creative, playful, expressive, and enthusiastic person who once had an insatiable zest for life?

We may not have all the answers to these questions. Sometimes, this feeling of detachment and confusion may hit us suddenly and unexpectedly. We wake up one day and ask ourselves, “Who am I? What is the life I’m living?”

You’re not alone in this experience. Many women go through similar struggles. We often sacrifice ourselves for our partners, jobs, and families, forgetting who we truly are. It becomes essential for us to reconnect with our values, rediscover meaning and purpose, and remember what truly matters to us. 

By envisioning new possibilities for ourselves, we can begin to rekindle that sense of enchantment. We start perceiving things differently, uncovering fresh opportunities, and ultimately giving birth to a new version of ourselves—one that lives life in a more enchanted way, singing the unique song of our Soul and embracing the wonders that lie ahead.

Why Is the Idea of Being Re-enchanted with Life a Middle Way?

The concept of being re-enchanted with life revolves around finding a middle way. 

We often find ourselves disenchanted to the point of complete disconnection, where we prefer not to be bothered at all. On the other hand, we can become so enchanted, like an enchanted castle, that we become oblivious to the things that are amiss, the things that don’t align with our True Selves, that aren’t right, aren’t us, or don’t fit who we are.

We need to allow for a middle, dynamic space between disconnection or apathy and complete oblivion.

What would re-enchantment with life mean to you? 

Take a moment to imagine it. Can you envision it? Take a moment to visualize how it would feel to be re-enchanted with life, to experience the magic, joy, peace, and a profound sense of purpose that you know belongs to you. Please share in the comments. I eagerly anticipate reading them. 

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