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What Does it Mean to Reinvent Yourself? Remember Who You Are

A Lot of women are seeking to reinvent themselves these days. 

In this article, we’re looking at the question of what it means to reinvent yourself and remember who you are. We’re going to talk about the process of rediscovering yourself and the importance of remembering who you are. I’m also going to share some practical tools and steps you can use for the process of rediscovering yourself, remembering who you are, and embracing your reinvented self. 


If you want to reinvent yourself, it’s not about becoming something you’re not, but about becoming all that you are. 

Unfortunately, our culture often has us trusting everything but ourselves, believing in everything but ourselves, thinking we have to adhere to the status quo and not allow ourselves to express, create, be and say what it is we need to say or do. We lose ourselves in the process. 

We need to go through a process of rediscovering ourselves. 

My work addresses this journey, this constant spiraling journey of Remembering who you are, Reconnecting to your values and your sense of purpose, Re-envisioning new possibilities for your life in the way you would like it to be moving forward, and ultimately Rebirthing yourself into it.

Year after year, we go through a cycle of four stages. The first stage of remembering who you are is about rediscovering your truth, rediscovering your roots that perhaps you left behind or have forgotten because you’ve been so busy keeping up with all the other expectations of life.

This is a process of peeling back the layers to rediscover your authentic self and to reacquaint yourself with your authentic being. 

This is exactly what we do in my very special Solace Program

Solace is a membership program for women that offers you a powerful guided journey through these four stages. Through each of the four stages, there are multiple steps, sacred tools, tips and guidance, not to mention amazing community connection. Solace is a place to feel held, safe to connect and remember who you are, and ultimately move toward rebirthing yourself into that life and experience of fulfillment and empowerment you’re longing for.

The Importance of Remembering Who You Are

If you’re wanting to reinvent yourself, you absolutely must remember who you are. 

This is why the rediscovery process is so important in order to reinvent yourself. You have to go through a process of exploring and excavating, like an archeological dig where you’re going in and finding these parts of yourself that maybe have been abandoned, ignored, suppressed, or even shunned in some ways. 

This is a process of going deep into more and more of who you are and what you’re here to be. This discovery process is absolutely critical in order to reinvent yourself because if you’re not fully tapping into all that you are, reinventing yourself becomes a rote process where you’re at risk of becoming what others want you to be, or how they want you to be, instead of who you truly are. 

Practical Steps for Self-Rediscovery

What are some practical steps and tools for rediscovery? 

One of them is my Solace Program, but another that’s so powerful and is actually what all of my work was born out of is what I call my Sacred Nights of Winter Journal.

It’s a journal that taps into the magic of the Sacred Nights of Winter, roughly from the Winter Solstice to January 6th, that supports us in remembering who we are. It opens us up to receive a little droplet of our Divine Essence to move us forward on our path. It’s the beginning process of this journey of Remembering, Reconnecting, Re-envisioning and Rebirthing. 

During the Sacred Nights of Winter, you’ll journal and work with different questions and prompts that help you to tap into more of who you are and what’s going on for you. 

Journaling is such a powerful tool, as are meditation, reflection, contemplation. These are all things that happen so beautifully during this time of year, during this turning inward, the season of Winter, opening ourselves up and tapping into our inner light, and finding that light within the darkness. 

This is all part of what we can do, and practical tools/steps we can take to begin to rediscover ourselves and explore more of what we’ve left behind, and may be somewhat but not fully aware is within us. 

Going through this process of rediscovery, as we take time to journal, meditate, reflect, spend time with Nature, connect with archetypes, or maybe even personality assessments or astrological readings, helps us connect more with remembering who we are.

Embracing Your Reinvented Self

Once we remember who we are, how do we embrace that?

This is an important question that rarely gets addressed. We’re often told to try all these different things, but where is the container to hold it all? What do we do with it once we have it? 

Sometimes having this newfound self awareness can be difficult to embrace because we’re not used to it.

We’re also afraid that other people won’t be used to it. We get worried that they’re going to be critical or judgmental and we shy away. We’ve found ourselves, but we go back to the old patterns. 

The key here is to remember that it really is a process of practice. 

As you discover more of who you are, you might want to start setting new boundaries for yourself. You might want to try doing some new activities. You may end up having certain friends fade away and new friends show up because of the energy and the way you’re showing up, and the way things are changing for you. 

All of that is perfectly okay. 

The key is to embrace this newfound self, to honor that you are reconnecting with parts of you that maybe have been completely ignored for a very long time, and it takes time to begin to integrate those.

Have self compassion. 

Have a sense of patience. 

Allow yourself to navigate the journey gracefully, peacefully, and hopefully with a sense of connection to yourself that you’ve long forgotten, but are getting to remember all over again. 

I hope this supports you on the journey to reinvent yourself. May you thrive in reinventing yourself and remembering who you are. 

For a video version of, What Does it Mean to Reinvent Yourself? Remember Who You Are, watch here: https://youtu.be/vLXbw4hjRpY

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