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Free, empowering gifts you'll receive along with my
Awaken Your Inner Wisdom newsletter.

Twice monthly, I send inspirational articles, video links, seasonal guidance, or whatever is top of mind in sharing my own journey of empowerment in support of your journey. True Soul nourishment!

Each gift is crafted to offer you immediate support on your journey to find the empowered woman within you.

You'll find tools and guidance you can work with today, as soon as you download them!

Balance & Empowerment Cards: Free Download

Balance and Empowerment Cards by Women's Empowerment Coach Kim Marie

Receive immediate support for navigating life's extremes and finding empowerment.

This downloadable booklet, and 12 beautiful altar cards can be customized by you, and used for meditation, contemplation, self-discovery, and, most importantly, guidance toward a true sense of inner balance and empowerment beyond the extremes of day to day life.

I often refer to these cards in my other offerings, as they're a powerful tool no matter where you are on your journey.

You’ll also receive my regular Awaken Your Inner Wisdom newsletter with inspiring articles, videos, and journeys to keep you nourished.

Journaling As a Path to Come Home: Workbook

Download this workbook and guide with 6 journaling methods to help you align with your True Nature and come home to YOU!

Journaling as a Path to Come Home offers tips, guidance and journaling practice pages, allowing you to find a journaling practice that works for you and resonates with your Soul.

  • Engage Your Entire Being (mind, body, heart, soul & spirit)
  • Pause Time
  • Create Space
  • Cultivate Creativity
  • Connect to Your True Nature
  • Enjoy 20 Nourishing Pages and 6 Journaling Methods to Come Home to Your Self
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Free Quarterly Events: Mini Online Retreats for Your Soul

Join me for my quarterly Equinox and Solstice events as a way to re-set yourself and your Soul in the rhythm of the year, and align with Nature's fortifying magic.

These quarterly gatherings have become quite popular, with women repeatedly returning to them to enjoy a sacred space of pause, reflection, remembering, and reconnection in the cycle of the year. These gatherings are like a mini retreat for your Soul where you'll experience teachings about the quarterly festival, exercises and practices to align with the transformational energy of the season, community connection, and meditative journeys to align with Nature and your Soul's resolves.

Find balance, courage, renewal, strength, and alignment by registering for the festival coming up. These are based on the northern hemisphere dates, and are found quite potent by those in the southern hemisphere too.

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Free e-Book: Mistakes You Might Be Making that Hold You Back


Download this e-book and see if you might be making these 3 common mistakes that leave you depleted, overwhelmed and isolated.

After surveying over 100 women and mothers, I found that their most common struggles were a sense of exhaustion, overwhelm, and disconnection from who they are and the life they long to live.

I created this potent guide to help you to see what might be holding you back and causing you to feel this way, and to offer clear tips and guidance for making changes that will allow you to feel nurtured, empowered, and connected instead.

Looking for more?

I'd love to talk with you. Let's hop on a complimentary 30 minute exploratory call together to see what your Soul is most longing for.

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