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Your Map Is Waiting For You

There’s a map available to you every year that can be uncovered during the thirteen Sacred Nights of Winter, also known as the Holy Nights, for the sake of aligning you on your true path, and supporting you to effectively navigate the challenges and opportunities of the coming year.

Click HERE to Order a Digital Download after Dec 18th so you have it in time for Dec 24th to begin journalling.

Gathering guidance from the wisdom traditions of Esoteric/Cosmic Christology, Indigenous Wisdom, Anthroposophy (wisdom of the human being), Astrosophy (wisdom of the stars), Mythology, the wisdom of Mother Nature and the Sacred Feminine, I’ve designed this journal to bring you comfort, as well as practical tools to support your journey through the coming year.
Many practices this time of year are centered around planning the course of the new year with new resolves. While this is important, if planning is all we focus on, it leaves out other critical elements that are essential for our life’s healthy unfolding.
We need new practices that honor the wisdom of the human soul.
The Sacred Nights of Winter journal works not only to consider your vision for the new year, but also to bring you personalized guidance and inner clarity.

As you tap into your inner wisdom
during these 13 nights, you will:

  • Strengthen your intuition and develop a greater capacity to listen to its messages
  • Align more confidently with your soul’s needs and longings
  • Prepare for the coming year, purifying what stands in the way of your soul’s true path
  • Reconnect with the magic and mystery of life
  • Feel renewed, nourished and enlivened
  • Cultivate connection and belonging with yourself, others and Spirit
  • Discover more about who you are and what your purpose is
  • Develop a deeper resonance with what is sacred
  • Create a map to guide you through the coming year’s challenges and opportunities
  • Open to the grace and abundance being offered to you

What are the Sacred Nights of Winter,
and why are they important?

Nearly every wisdom tradition has a “festival of light” of some kind which honors the light of the sun, and the light within the human being.

This light is indicative of the Divine Spirit within each of us, longing to be birthed in its highest potential.

These nights have been given various names over the course of history, including, among many others, the Holy Nights, the Time Between the Years, and the Nights of the Mothers.

These nights celebrate the return of the light after the shortest day of the year, Winter Solstice. They also celebrate the connection to the light within ourselves, and within our fellow brothers and sisters on the planet.

In the Christian tradition, the festival of Christmas celebrates a Holy Birth, which can be celebrated not only as the birth of Jesus, but also as the birth of the Spirit Self filled with Christ Consciousness.

Each year during this time when the connection between the earthly realm and the spiritual realm is most potent, we are offered a drop of that Christed Self to tend and nurture within us.

If paid attention to with care, these nights can help us to align with our true Spirit resolves.

The journal offers additional detail about these nights and the potential they offer us each year.

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How does this work?

The Sacred Nights of Winter journal is a beautiful full color, spiral bound journal of roughly 100 pages that ignite the senses and offer a healing balm for the soul.


Each day you’ll be given journaling prompts and inspirational contemplations that allow you to deepen connection to your own inner wisdom. You’ll pay attention to your dreams each night, notice each day’s unfolding and activity, and connect with zodiacal influences for each night.


Because each night corresponds to a month in the year, you’ll also be reflecting on the month in the year past which is associated with that night, as well as envisioning that same month in the year to come.


To further support you in preparing for the year ahead, you’ll be offered guiding thoughts, meditations, prayers, and/or insights that inspire a deeper connection to your True Self and Highest Potential. Wellness Through Inner Archetypes  is the theme for the 2019-2020 journal.

Make Yourself a Priority this Holiday Season

You’ll be glad you did!

Click HERE to Order a Digital Download after Dec 18th so you have it in time for Dec 24th to begin journalling.

“I want to deeply honor your Sacred Nights of Winter journal work and your leadership through it. Your voice, your wisdom, your depth, your Divine love all stream through those pages. Thank you. The journal is healing, uplifting, guidance full, soft and open, potent and grounded. Thank you for honoring the Sacred Feminine so fully in how you show up and in what you offer to the world.”

~ Melissa Michaels – Boulder, CO

“The journal is such a blessing….such a 
beautiful gift!”

~ Ash-lee Jeanne – Fort Collins, CO

“Your Sacred Nights of Winter journal contains a wealth of ideas and guidelines. It’s an excellent resource that will serve me for many years to come.”

~ Helene Macdonald – Boulder, CO

“I find your Sacred Nights of Winter journal to be quite noble and inspiring. Beautifully written!”

~ Lacquanna Paul – Kinsau, Germany

“I just wanted you to know how much my husband and I are enjoying the Sacred Nights of Winter journal, and the peaceful and clear work that we’re doing with it!”

~Jennifer Towle, Boulder, CO

Frequently Asked Questions

The Sacred Nights of Winter journal is for anyone longing to connect more deeply with who they really are and what they really want. It is for those:

  • Longing to deepen their connection to the Great Mystery and the light of Spirit

  • Going through significant transition, and seeking to orient themselves

  • Experiencing what feels like a “dark night of the soul” and longing for solace

  • Doing well, yet still longing to discover or explore their deeper purpose

  • Wanting to slow down and create space for self-care and nurturing during the holiday season

  • Wondering how to be more in charge of their own life

  • Seeking to grow and evolve on their life’s path

  • Wanting to deepen their understanding of how they fit into the big cosmic picture

  • Interested in exploring a diversity in spiritual perspectives, beyond the dogma of organized religion or philosophies

  • Ready to connect more deeply with Nature

  • Ready to connect more deeply with themselves

There are many journals in print, but I don’t know of any that help you to align with your own inner wisdom such that you not only connect with and nurture the Spirit Seed birthing within you, but also create a prophetic guidebook to support you in the new year as you tend that seed to bear fruit.

Yes. You’ll be given detailed guidance as to how to work with the journal so that you can get the most out of it.

Journals will begin shipping after December 3rd  in the order in which pre-orders were received. In the U.S. your journals should come within a week or so of the ship date. Internationally, it may take longer. Please order your journals as soon as possible to ensure the quickest shipment to you. In the U.S. You can still order as late as Dec 18th and receive your journal in time for Dec 24th.

Shipping for the journals is now free! Please contact if you wish to pick a journal up in Boulder, CO. 

Due to the seasonal nature of the journal and the uniqueness of the journal each year, refunds are not offered. However, I’m confident that if you receive your journal and don’t feel you wish to work with it, someone else would love to receive it as a gift.

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Yes! Your journal will have pages in it sharing how you can continue awakening your inner wisdom throughout the entire course of the year, including information about a supportive program to connect with others also striving on the path to wisdom.


About the Author:

Kim Marie is a Transformational Life and Leadership Mentor supporting her clients to awaken their inner wisdom and transform their lives.

Kim has been working with the Sacred Nights of Winter in one form or another since she was a child, always feeling the potency of this time of year, and holding it as sacred.

Fourteen years ago, she discovered the life-altering benefits of journaling during this time, and believes that consciously working with the Sacred Nights of Winter is one of the most impactful practices one can take up to satisfy the hunger in their soul and effectively align with their path of destiny.

Through her powerful mentoring, programs, courses, and retreats, as well as her group coaching program, Solace, Kim supports women to remember who they are, reconnect to what matters most, and rebirth themselves into the life of freedom they envision.

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Click HERE to Order a Digital Download after Dec 18th so you have it in time for Dec 24th to begin journalling.

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