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What Are the Basic Laws of Nature? 12 Universal Laws

You may be familiar with the Law of Attraction, but did you realize there are 11 other essential laws that play a crucial role in our ability to manifest and create the life we desire?

In this article, we’ll explore the 12 Universal Laws, or Laws of Nature, and discover their significance in helping us lead a life that feels empowering, fulfilling and meaningful.

Law of Divine Oneness 

This law speaks to the idea that we are all interconnected. Everything in our world is intricately linked, whether it’s the connection between individuals, or the relationship between us and the natural world, including trees, animals, and plants. We are all part of a grand, interconnected tapestry.

Each of these laws functions in synergy with the others, and though they may sound similar, it’s the concept of the Divine Law of Oneness that holds the container for all of it. It becomes clear how these laws operate and how they have the potential to support us when we grasp this unifying principle.

When we acknowledge that everything is interconnected, greater compassion and understanding for one another is fostered, emphasizing that nothing occurs in isolation.

Law of Vibration

The second law is the Law of Vibration. This law essentially asserts that every element possesses a distinct frequency or vibration. Everything in the universe is imbued with energy in constant motion. Think of it as a kind of subtle buzzing going on that we may not see, but is there. Some things are vibrating faster or slower than other things. 

Law of Attraction

This takes us straight into the Law of Attraction, a concept that’s likely quite familiar to you. 

This fundamental principle revolves around the notion that objects or circumstances resonating at a similar vibration or frequency are naturally drawn toward one another.

If you aspire to shape specific aspects of your life, whether it’s manifesting a particular type of partner, seeking fair treatment from your boss, pursuing unique experiences, or striving for a pay raise, it’s crucial to reflect upon your own vibrational frequency. Given the interconnected nature of all things and the inherent vibrational quality in everything, you might ask yourself, “Am I resonating at a level that aligns with what I desire to attract?” The key realization here is that we can actively work on raising our vibration, and this often involves addressing feelings of anger, judgment, and unkindness.

It’s important to acknowledge that experiencing low-vibrational emotions like self-doubt and overwhelm is a part of being human. However, the real growth lies in recognizing when you’re in such a state, and choosing to elevate your vibrational frequency. 

Here’s a helpful tip: to raise your vibration effectively, you must first confront the underlying emotions that brought you to a lower frequency in the first place.

I’d like to take a moment to mention my annual Sacred Nights of Winter Journal, which this year is centered around the theme of “Living Aligned with Nature.” Throughout the Sacred Nights of Winter, from December 24th to January 6th, I’ll be delving into the 12 Laws of Nature, also known as the 12 Universal Laws or Principles. Each night during this period corresponds to a specific month in the upcoming year. This unique connection allows us to explore each law in-depth and discover how to harness its power to craft the life we desire.

Given that December hosts the darkest nights of the year when the veil between the Spiritual and Earthlyl worlds is thinnest, during the Sacred Nights of Winter, it’s one of the most potent times for this transformative work.

Law of Correspondence

The fourth of Nature’s laws is the Law of Correspondence. As above, so below. As within, so without. It encapsulates the profound idea that what occurs in the inner realm echoes in the outer realm. To put it simply, our external experiences are mirrors of what’s going on in our internal world. If we find ourselves resonating at a lower vibrational frequency, our external reality may not appear as favorable. However, the reverse holds true as well, where we can influence how we show up and how we choose to present ourselves to the world.

If we aspire toward kindness, love, and wisdom to manifest in our outer lives, we must first cultivate these qualities within ourselves. The principle of “as within, so without” emphasizes that the state of our inner world has a direct impact on our external circumstances. Similarly, “as above, so below” extends this concept into the spiritual domain, suggesting that everything in the spiritual realm is mirrored in the material world, and vice versa. 

It reminds us that everything we encounter in the material world is somehow intertwined with the Spiritual realm.

Law of Inspired Action

The fifth law, the Law of Inspired Action, emphasizes the importance of taking action. It underscores the fact that we must actively engage our will if we wish to manifest our desires. In my personal belief, the present moment in human evolution calls for a crucial realization: we must learn to harness our will forces in harmony with our divine essence, our truth, and our inner sense of empowerment in order to progress and evolve in our lives.

This principle echoes the teachings of other Universal Laws, notably the Law of Attraction. While having the right vibrational energy is essential, it alone cannot bring about the desired outcomes. Action is the missing piece of the puzzle. To make things happen, we need to be inspired and engaged in our pursuits, actively putting our will into motion.

Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

The next law is the Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy. This means that everything is constantly shifting and in flux.

If we want to evolve, we’ve got to look at all of these different pieces of Universal Law. We’ve got to take action. We’ve got to move. Everything is going to move in one way or another. But if we show up consciously, we get to guide a certain amount of that direction. We can be present to Spiritual guidance to help move us forward as well.

Law of Cause and Effect

Number seven is the Law of Cause and Effect. This is pretty straightforward. Basically for everything that happens, there’s going to be a reaction or response. For everything we cause to happen, there will be some kind of effect, some kind of impact or result. 

This is about remembering that our actions have consequences.

We want to take inspired action, not just any action. Spiritual hearing is the essence of inspiration in which we hear what Spirit is asking of us, what our Inner Wise Self, what our Truest Essence, is asking of us in alignment with Nature. 

When we take inspired action, the effects of what we do have positive consequences. Conversely, when we act haphazardly and without thought, the consequences are likely to be less favorable. 

Law of Compensation

Number eight is the Law of Compensation. The Law of Compensation says you reap what you sow. 

This concept closely aligns with the idea of cause and effect. Essentially, for every cause, there is an effect, but the Law of Compensation delves deeper into the idea that the nature of the cause will reflect in the corresponding effect.

If you exhibit unkind or negative behavior, you are likely to encounter similar negativity in your life. Similarly, if you lack self-belief and remain closed to life’s possibilities, life is likely to close itself off to you. In essence, you will be compensated in accordance with the energy and actions you put forth.

Law of Relativity

The ninth law to discuss is the Law of Relativity. This concept revolves around the familiar phrase, “It’s all relative,” implying that everything is subjective and depends on our unique experiences. The underlying idea is that the world around us is essentially neutral. It’s our own perspectives and perceptions that infuse meaning into it.

What one person perceives as a traumatic experience might be a breeze for someone else, and vice versa. You might find yourself wondering, “Why is she struggling with that? It was easy for me.” All is relative, hinging on our individual viewpoints and interpretations which imbue events with significance.

So, the next time you sense yourself being triggered, try asking, “How can I reach a state of neutrality regarding this situation?” I often talk about various strategies, emphasizing the importance of finding your middle ground, achieving a sense of balance, and ultimately attaining neutrality.

In essence, we are exploring how we tend to veer to extremes, assign meaning to events, and developing particular perceptions and viewpoints. Much of the coaching I provide focuses on shifting our perspective. When we can change our vantage point, our experiences and the significance we attribute to them undergo a significant transformation.

Law of Polarity

Number ten explores the concept known as the Law of Polarity, which underscores the notion that everything in the Universe has its corresponding opposite. It’s the profound recognition that light and darkness, ups and downs, and even the age-old axiom “as above, so below” all point to a fundamental truth – duality and polarity are inherent in our existence.

Yin and Yang are also opposites, you could argue, and everything will have its opposite. Our task in life is to understand and reconcile those opposites to allow them to coexist as both sides of the same coin. We have all of these opposites within us as well. 

We might not act upon them and that’s great. In fact, we might not act upon either extreme or polarity. We might find ourselves beautifully balanced in the middle, aware that we might have this fierce, intense kind of anger right alongside this beautiful, loving sense of compassion or understanding. 

There are opposites to everything.  We can begin to understand that the contrast of polarity is part of being in a material world, in a human existence. When we can accept that, we find a reconciliation. We find a balance point of empowerment in between them.

Law of Rhythm

The eleventh principle to explore is the Law of Rhythm. Essentially, this law highlights the universal truth that everything in life operates in cycles, without exception. Life exhibits a perpetual rhythm of movement, ebbing, and flowing. Just as every high point in our lives is followed by a low, each low is succeeded by a high. Nothing remains constant indefinitely; this principle underscores the Law of Perpetual Motion.

Life is characterized by an ongoing state of change, movement, and transformation. It adheres to a rhythmic pattern, evident in various aspects such as the cycle of birth and death, the changing seasons, the waxing and waning of the moon, and even the trajectory of our own lives. This cycle persists without interruption. Nothing is permanent, and change is an enduring aspect of existence.

By internalizing this concept, we can find solace during challenging times. The assurance that there is always a brighter phase on the horizon helps us cope with the overwhelming nature of life’s difficulties. It reminds us that, in the midst of adversity, there is always a glimmer of hope.

Law of Gender/Gestation

The final law is what’s known as the Law of Gender, or sometimes it’s spoken of as the Law of Gestation. This basically means that all things have a masculine and a feminine side. I won’t delve into the intricate concept of gender identity here; that might be a topic for a future article.

Fundamentally, it’s not about how you identify or your personal identity. Rather, it’s the notion that each of us harbors masculine and feminine qualities, just as all of life does. It’s akin to the idea of gestation – you require the initial planting of a seed, which represents a masculine quality, followed by nurturing in order to foster growth, representing a feminine quality. This is the essence of the gestation process and a fundamental mechanism through which evolution unfolds.

These are the 12 fundamental Laws of Nature, the 12 Universal Laws that I hope are piquing your interest. I trust that you’ll benefit considerably by delving deeper into this subject. In the process, I invite you to explore my Sacred Nights of Winter Journal and embark on a profound journey with me this Winter.

Together, we can delve into these Laws of Nature, discover how they manifest within you, and utilize them to help you become the most empowered you can be, and reach your highest potential.

For a video version of, What Are the Basic Laws of Nature? 12 Universal Laws, watch here: https://youtu.be/KgalGIka5Jk?si=UbZrIuN-uDlQBQU_

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