My Story

I'm Kim Marie.

whereMy goal is to help you connect with the fullness of who you are, determine what matters most to you, and have the courage to live your life the way you know you are meant to.

I believe we as human beings have tremendous potential we have yet to tap into, and that we are at a critical time in the evolution of humanity that is asking us to choose to live that potential.

Are you:

  • Standing at a threshold, knowing it’s time to choose a new way, and not knowing what to do or how to do it?
  • Lost in the chaos of life, defining yourself by what you do (mother, spouse, professional, caregiver, etc.) rather than who you really are?
  • Feeling stuck, caught in the hamster wheel of life with no obvious or apparent way out?
  • Knowing that something is missing and ready to find it?

My mission is to show you there IS a new way.
There ARE other options, and
You CAN live them.

I believe that as you come to find your light, know what you care about and love, and live your truth, not only do you benefit, but also the entire world benefits as you live the life you are destined for.

Your gifts are yours alone.  No one brings them the way you do, and you have a responsibility to share them with us!  Your soul knows this, and will not rest until it is able to express itself fully.

I support you by providing a safe, compassionate, nurturing environment in which you can go deep, face your inner demons and self-saboteurs, and courageously navigate yourself and your life toward living authentically, in alignment with who you really are on all levels.

Kim’s BIO

Kim Marie is a Life and Leadership Mentor, trained as an Ontological Coach with Newfield Network in 2009. Coaching and mentorship serve as the perfect platform for Kim to blend her diverse background in the realms of corporate, military, non-profit, government, and small business cultures, with the work of human development, life/family/vocational balance, soul-making, and personal and professional leadership.

Kim’s passion for transformational learning and development is expressed through a unique blend of archetypal wisdom, character strengths, and habit-breaking programs that empower individuals to break the chains of old patterns and conditioning and become not only their best Selves but also effective Leaders. The magic of this process is that they also become true Self-Leader, confident in who they are, committed to what they value, and able to create meaningful change.

Through coaching, mentoring, speaking, writing and workshops, Kim helps individuals and groups cultivate the resilience and integrated relational work needed to meet today’s challenges. Her programs, inspirational talks, and writings guide individuals and groups to have confidence and courage to navigate through what often seems like darkness and chaos toward clarity, collaboration, and generative practices that truly make a difference.

Kim is particularly passionate about supporting women to step into their empowered leadership, both inner and outer. She is a catalyst for creating new possibilities.

She is the proud mother of two sons and lives in Boulder, CO.

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