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Getting Out of Our Own Way

This month, during the time between mid July and mid August when the sun is passing through the constellation of Capricorn (according to the Sidereal Zodiac) we are gifted the power of catharsis.  (Download my free Balance and Empowerment Cards for more on the gifts of empowerment offered by each constellation of the zodiac.) Catharsis …

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Finding Our Way

As we step out of “pandemania,” a term coined by Charles Eisenstein, many of us are wondering, “What’s next?”  We might be wondering what’s next for our career, where we live, our relationships, our health, or our general future plans. Many clients and friends I speak with are wondering at an even deeper level with …

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Romancing Nature

Romancing Nature Her wrath is ferocious.Her love and sustenance unconditional.She is decisive, knowing exactly Her needs, and perseveres to ensure they’re met.She is predictable, yet mysterious.Rhythm is critical to Her, as is chaos.She thrives in darkness. She thrives in light.She is warm and expressive. She is cool and intentional.Healthy masculinity and femininity are harmonized within …

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Soul for Solstice

Solstice literally translates as “Sun stand still.” The darkness of Winter Solstice, currently on December 21, marks the entry or birth window to the womb space that receives the Spirit Seed of our being. Our Soul must be prepared to receive, tend and nurture this seed for growth in the new year. Each year, a …

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