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Sacred Seasons Journals


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Sacred Seasons Journals Sacred Spring Sacred Summer Sacred Autumn Sacred Winter Connect with Nature. Connect with Your Soul.

A Journal for Each Sacred Season

Sacred Spring Journal, part of Sacred Seasons Journals by Kim Marie. Connect with Nature and yourself by connecting with the Seasons.

Sacred Spring

Spring is a season of renewal. Explore the depths of what's regenerating within you as you relate to Spring's archetypes, events, and expression from Celtic Imbolc through Spring Equinox, Ostara, Easter and more.

Connecting with Spring will support you in remembering more of who you are and the gifts you have to share with the world. You'll start the year aligning with your truth, purifying the shadows, and blossoming into more of  your Soul's full expression.

Sacred Summer Journal, part of Sacred Seasons Journals by Kim Marie. Connect with Nature and yourself by connecting with the Seasons.

Sacred Summer

Summer is a season of ripening. Feel the warmth of Summer's transformation through Celtic Beltaine, Summer Solstice, Litha, and many other Summer archetypes that nourish your Soul.

Connecting with Summer will bring you into greater alignment with your values and sense of purpose, allowing you to tend to what truly matters and where you are most needed. You'll cultivate greater emotional mastery on your Soul's Journey.

Sacred Autumn Journal, part of Sacred Seasons Journals by Kim Marie. Connect with Nature and yourself by connecting with the Seasons.

Sacred Autumn

Autumn is a season of harvest and letting go. Travel through Celtic Lugnasadh, Autumn Equinox, Mabon, and taming your Michaelmas dragons as you seek to harvest all that has fruited within you.

Connecting with Autumn's energy helps you both see and align with the vision you have for yourself and your life, as well as learn to express yourself more authentically and make the difference you long to make in the world.

Sacred Winter Journal, part of Sacred Seasons Journals by Kim Marie. Connect with Nature and yourself by connecting with the Seasons.

Sacred Winter

Winter is a return to the womb of the Great Mother. Dive into the depths of your underworld through the archetypes of Samhain, Thanksgiving, Advent, Winter Solstice, Yule, Christmas and more.

Connecting with Winter's magic will allow you to integrate all you've been learning about yourself through the year, create space for a new level of being, and open to whatever is longing to birth within you in the new cycle of the seasons.

Each Sacred Seasons Journal Offers:

  • Relief from stress & overwhelm as you find peace in Nature's wisdom & guidance
  • Inspirational writings, journaling prompts, and lots of beauty for connecting more deeply to yourself, the Sacred Feminine, & the season in the cycle of the year
  • Support for aligning with Nature's rhythms through the season, & aligning more strongly with your Soul
  • New and inspiring perspectives on various celebrations, holidays & cosmic seasonal markers
  • Contemplations to help you know yourself as a being of Nature & as a distinct Soul with unique gifts
  • Inspiration and influence from archetypes of Indigenous Wisdom, esoteric perspectives on Christian & Celtic festivals, Sacred Feminine Wisdom, gifts of the Zodiac, seasonal expressions, & more
  • Plenty of blank space for additional journaling & contemplations of your own as you feel inspired
  • Invitation to the Inner Wisdom Circle for response to your questions, sacred community, & added seasonal inspiration
  • Easy to carry A5 size for working with consistently through the season
  • Sense of nurturing & comfort through the changing seasons in the year in connection with the changing landscape of your Soul's Journey
  • Support in remembering more of who you are, what matters most, what you long for, & how to manifest it
  • Opportunity to travel, immerse in, and/or reflect upon the 3 month journey through the season year-to-year to see how you grow with/through the seasons
  • Companionship to working with The Soul Planner through the year for added connection to the year's natural unfolding

With the purchase of your Sacred Seasons Journal, you'll be invited to my Inner Wisdom Circle, a safe haven away from social media with guidance, inspiration, added journaling prompts/contemplations, and a community of supportive women on the path to Soul alignment and awakening inner wisdom.

The Sacred Seasons Journals will nurture and inspire you through the journey of the year, while honoring the seasons, their archetypes, and their special events. As you connect more with Nature and Her rhythm, you'll connect more with your Soul and it's sacred unfolding. 

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Let Nature & the Magic of Her Seasons Empower You this Year


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Note:  See FAQs for pre-order periods. Please allow roughly 2 weeks for the printed/delivered version to get to you.

About the Creator of the Sacred Seasons Journals

I’m Kim Marie, and for over a decade, I’ve been supporting women to awaken the Inner Wisdom that allows for a truly empowered life aligned with full potential and peace.

My passion for transformational learning and development is expressed through a unique blend of archetypal wisdom, character strengths, esoteric and indigenous wisdom, and habit breaking programs that empower women to break the chains of old patterns and conditioning, and become not only their best Selves, but also effective leaders. Most importantly, they become true Self-Leaders, confident in who they are, committed to what they value, and able to create meaningful change.

My own journey to Soul alignment is filled with years of trial and error as I navigated divorce, health challenges, and single parenthood while building my business. Aligning with Nature and honoring seasonal rhythms has been a crucial part of my healing and ongoing empowerment journey.

I'm so happy to share the Sacred Seasons with you!

Sacred Summer Journal by Kim Marie; Sacred Seasons Journals

Tap into the Magic of the Seasons and Your Soul

Note:  Other Sacred Seasons Journals will be available in the near future. Order your Sacred Summer Journal today, and please allow roughly 2 weeks for the printed/delivered version to get to you after the pre-order period through late May.

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