Nourish Your Soul

with a Colorado Mountain Hot Springs Nature Retreat

Kim Under Waterfall 92sm


4pm Thurs, March 31st, 2022
10am Sun, April 3rd, 2022

Avalanche Ranch Pools at Night 92sm


Redstone, Colorado

Avalanch Ranch Cabin Siding 92sm

How Much

$1,000 - $1,300
Save $100 When You Register
by Nov 30

Would You Like to Get Away?

What if instead of getting away to replenish, only to return either needing a vacation or struggling to find that same peace in daily life, you could come home feeling truly renewed, and filled with tools that support you every day?

Join me March 31 to April 3, 2022 for a
Nourishing, Rejuvenating & Transformative Women's Retreat
in the Mountains & Hot Springs of Colorado

I created my nature retreats to be something different, something where we're:

  • Surrounded by beauty
  • Nourished by amazing food
  • Able to relax and feel safe to let go
  • Enjoying deep connection to our Selves and each other, and
  • Able to emerge with tools and guidance to meet the world head on with confidence

Disconnect to Connect

Forget-Me-Not flowers were one of my early favorites as a child, perhaps because something deep within me knew the importance of remembering who we are, and all that we love most in our lives.

I believe you know this too, and your Soul is ready for an opportunity to feel seen, heard, and wildly free! It's time to trust your inner wisdom.

Location & Lodging

Beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado

We'll be staying at my favorite place on Earth, Avalanche Ranch Cabins & Hot Springs.

Their rustically elegant cabins make for a peaceful retreat on a private organic farm with sheep, horses, chickens and a llama or two. Don't worry...all you'll smell is the crisp mountain air and budding spring.

And, they have the most nourishing, healing hot springs I've ever experienced. You're in for a treat!

We'll be lodging in a group of cabins near each other, one of which has a large kitchen where we'll have nourishing meals prepared and served for us daily. Most rooms are shared, with only a couple of non-shared options.

All inclusive pricing begins at only $300 per night when you register by Nov 30.

Room Options
  • Private Bedroom & Bath - $1,300 (Sold Out)
  • Private Bedroom & Shared Bath - $1,225 (Sold Out)
  • Shared Bedroom & Bath - $1,000 (7 available)
The Property

The 36 acre, 7,000 ft elevation property in Redstone, CO overlooks the Crystal River, with Mt. Sopris towering above at 12,953 ft.

You'll get to fully unplug, truthfully saying to those vying for your attention, "I'm sorry to miss your call. I didn't have connection." Yay for limited cell and internet connections for a few days!

Site activities to enjoy during free time include the hot springs, a pond and boats for fishing, riverfront access, sweet farm animals, sand volleyball, horseshoes, a 1 mile hiking loop with gorgeous views, and a lovely gift shop filled with local artisan products.

Farm-to-Table Meals

CC-Amy Smiling 92sm
CC-Amy Cooking 92sm

Our personal chef, Amy Ellis of Color Cuisine,  focuses on providing an array of the freshest seasonal, regional, natural foods. As a natural foods chef, she prepares nutrient-dense foods in a way that best suits the body for balance, harmony, energy and optimal health.

Each vibrant array of color in her beautifully prepared food relates to a spectrum of nutrients the body needs for optimal health.

We'll have a wonderful menu for all, and Amy can accommodate a variety of dietary needs including paleo, vegetarian, vegan, raw, gluten-free, kosher, and allergy-restricted.

Amy will provide us with an abundance of flavors and colors that we know your taste buds will enjoy.

The Retreat

Welcome to a space of respite, peace, connection & renewal!

As with all of my offers, this too will be a journey for and of the Soul.

Gathered in sisterhood, we'll explore the 4 critical stages every Soul must move through in order to feel fulfilled and on purpose, how we remain stuck without moving through them, and how journeying consciously through these stages will take us out of the dreaded co-dependency trap.

Here's what you'll experience as we journey through each of these stages:


  • Remember-Feather-72sqsm

    Remember who you are and the gifts you bring so you can live authentically

  • Remember-Feather-72sqsm

    How ignoring our remembering keeps disempowered and people-pleasing

  • Remember-Feather-72sqsm

    Standing in your True Self, even when others aren't comfortable with it

  • Remember-Feather-72sqsm

    Inspiration to remind you of who you are every day


  • Reconnect-Feather-72sqsm

    Reconnect to your values and what matters most so you can stay on purpose

  • Reconnect-Feather-72sqsm

    How remaining disconnected keeps us in overwhelm, and feeling lost or purposeless

  • Reconnect-Feather-72sqsm

    Becoming effective in all that we do, with a sense of accomplishment instead of resignation

  • Reconnect-Feather-72sqsm

    Clarity to keep you aligned and easily return to alignment any time


  • Re-Envision-Feather-72sqsm

    Re-envision what's possible from your new place of remembered Self and reconnected values

  • Re-Envision-Feather-72sqsm

    How ignoring this stage of envisioning traps us in emptiness and lack of belonging

  • Re-Envision-Feather-72sqsm

    Dreaming again, with the enthusiasm of a child who believes in themselves

  • Re-Envision-Feather-72sqsm

    Imaginations that provide hope, and that you can believe in for yourself


  • Rebirth-Feather-72sqsm

    How to manifest and birth yourself into the vision you've created for yourself

  • Rebirth-Feather-72sqsm

    The perils of an ill-prepared birthing process, and how to be ready and stay resilient through the process

  • Rebirth-Feather-72sqsm

    Confidence in your ability to manifest & fuel your creativity in all you're longing to create

  • Rebirth-Feather-72sqsm

    Atunement with your intuitive flow, and greater trust in yourself

You'll return home with plenty of "aha" moments, new practices that will serve you the moment you arrive home, and a renewed sense of yourself that feels ready to face life with enthusiasm.

About Your Retreat Host

I’m Kim Marie, and for over a decade, I’ve been supporting women to awaken their Inner Wisdom and trust in themselves.

My passion for transformation is expressed through a unique blend of archetypal wisdom, character strengths, esoteric and indigenous wisdom, and habit breaking programs that empower you to break the chains of old patterns and conditioning, and become your best Self.

I love witnessing women become true Self-Leaders, confident in who they are, committed to what they value, and able to create meaningful change.

I can't wait to dive into this journey with you!

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