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Can You Prevent Anxiety? 5 Best Practices to Relieve and Ward Off Anxiety

Is there a way to ward off or mitigate anxiety before it even begins? 

I’m not going to profess that I have the key or the answer, but what I do want to offer is the idea that we get really good at what we practice.

I want to offer some practices that we can do on a regular basis that hopefully ward off anxiety or keep anxiety at bay so we’re not caught in its trap as often as we tend to get trapped.

The Power of Presence: Grounding Yourself to Prevent Anxiety

One of these practices is the simple practice of presence. How do we practice presence? One of my favorite tools is to simply feel your feet. 

Feel your feet on the ground.

Tune into the center of your being, the central area below your belly button, the pelvic bowl. Feel the weight of your body on your feet. If you’re sitting, feel into your body and notice what’s around you. Allow your senses to capture the moment and be in the moment with you.

Connecting with Nature: Finding Solace and Stillness

Another practice is connecting with Nature. 

We’re not just a part of Nature. We are Nature. 

The more we tune into our own Nature—what truly holds value and is uniquely precious to us, our core values, what truly matters to us, our sense of purpose, and our own unique strengths and gifts—the more we become grounded in our True Essence.

However, if we struggle to connect with our True Nature, that’s when immersing ourselves in the natural world can be incredibly beneficial. Personally, I find solace in going for a hike, walking through the woods, sitting by a stream, or simply being in the presence of the elements, like a cozy fire. These experiences allow me to tune in to myself, find tranquility, and cultivate a beautiful practice of stillness.

The Art of Connection: An Antidote to Anxiety

Next to prevent anxiety is the practice of connecting. It could be connecting with yourself in a moment of stillness, perhaps through journaling. It could be connecting with a friend or a cherished loved one. It could be connecting with Nature, or simply connecting with your breath.

The idea of connection is powerful. It reminds us that we’re not alone, that we have the capacity to connect and engage with others, and with Life itself. 

This recognition serves as a beautiful antidote to anxiety.

The Creative Path: Diminishing Anxiety through Expression

When we make time for creative pursuits and engage in creative tasks, anxiety often fades away. 

Have you ever noticed that? When you’re immersed in a creative endeavor that you genuinely want to do, not something you feel obligated to do, but something that truly brings you joy and excitement, anxiety tends to take a backseat.

We have presence, Nature, connecting, and creating—four incredibly powerful tools to combat anxiety.

Embracing Perspective: Overcoming Anxiety with Rational Thinking

Here’s a bonus tool: ask yourself, “What’s the worst that could happen?” 

When we start to spiral down, we often tell ourselves a plethora of stories. But if we pause and genuinely reflect on that question, we often realize that the worst-case scenario is not as dreadful as we initially imagined.

Trust yourself. Allow yourself the space to practice these tools so you can effectively manage anxiety, embracing your True Nature and reaching your fullest potential.

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