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Creating a Manifesto for the New Year

I’d like to share a potent process I discovered that I hope you can use to create a New Year Manifesto that will support you in staying aligned with your Soul resolves this year. 

On Monday, January 15th, the Sun shifted into the constellation of Capricorn. I usually consider this day to be the beginning of my New Year.

I like to begin the year with the Sun renewing its travel through the 12 constellations in the year.

Beginning the year on January 15th also gives me the spaciousness to feel like I’m consciously and wisely moving into the new year with new intentions. 

No rushing. No hurrying. No forcing.

Simply being.

My Sacred Nights of Winter journey takes me through lighting Christmas Eve candles on my tree in gratitude for all that’s been, lighting New Year’s Eve candles on my tree with intentions for what’s to come, and allowing the illumination of Epiphany and the closing of the Sacred Nights to catalyze the integration of the wisdom that showed up for me during this time in the womb space of the Great Mother. 

Then, from January 6 to January 15, I continue that integration, re-reading what I journaled during the Sacred Nights of Winter, journaling in dialogue with my Soul to explore what is emerging there, and ultimately setting my official intentions for the year with a word(s) or phrase(s) to guide me.

I love taking my time with this, steeping in it like a fragrant, healing tea, and allowing  a regenerative process to unfold.

On January 14th, the eve of my new year, I had the most wonderful experience of channeling a 2024 Manifesto for myself!

I’d like to share this manifesto creation process with you in hopes that it might offer inspiration. 

Whether you participated in the Sacred Nights of Winter Journey or not, my guess is that you had a lot show up during the time between the years, and/or in whatever journaling, contemplating, experiences, or conversations you’ve engaged in during these past few weeks.

A manifesto is a public declaration that makes evident your intentions and motivations for the future.

As I teach in my Solace program, declarations are VERY powerful in helping us manifest our vision, as we are far more likely to honor our intentions when they’re publicly spoken.

Usually, after the Sacred Nights of Winter, some words and/or phrases come to me as a theme or guiding light for the new year.

Last year it was a series of “S” words that came (Slow, Steady, Simple, Sovereign, Surrender, Self-Trust, Self-Care and Self-Discipline) which proved to be powerfully supportive to me in 2023.

These 2023 words just came to me, but this year, no words or phrases were easily showing up for 2024.

So, I decided to try something different.

I went through all that I wrote in my Sacred Nights of Winter (SNoW) Journal, and underlined all the words or phrases that stood out to me, underlining them multiple times if they showed up frequently.

There were many pages to go through, as I write a lot during these nights. So give yourself time for this (it’s worth it!) if you’d like to try it.

Then, I made a list of the words on a separate page, and put check marks next to them for however many times they showed up throughout the SNoW Journal.

You could simply brainstorm a list of words that’ve been standing out for you, pull a few oracle cards to see what shows up in their descriptions, or even recall memories of the Sacred Nights and jot down words that stand out from those.

You don’t have to have journaled to create a list for yourself.

Simply pause with intention to create a list of words that you feel are standing out to influence your year.

Seeing the list in front of me inspired what felt more like affirmations than intentions, yet the intentions were there too.

While I was originally looking for a few words or phrases to stand out, and some definitely did, I went with my intuition and decided to start writing “I Am” or “I Will” statements that had these words from my list.

It soon felt like I was channeling something from my Higher Self as a manifesto to live by for 2024!

From there, I took the words that felt the most potent and/or all-encompassing and wrote them on my little chalk slate that I use for my intention reminder each year.

New Year Manifesto; Words for the New Year

The slate of words feels like a reminder to read and re-read my manifesto as often as I need to in order to stay on track for my year.

These words mean specific things to me that may be different than what they mean to you.

That’s the idea!

Do you have contemplations, journaling, memories or inspirations that you could draw from to find your words, and even your manifesto for 2024?

In case you’re wondering, I’ll put my manifesto (with words that stood out shown in bold) at the bottom of this article for you, so you can get a sense of how this worked.

I’d love to see more manifestos shared, or words/phrases that declare your year’s intentions and motivations.

Please share yours by posting them in the free Inner Wisdom Circle where I shared this process first, or simply comment on this blog post.

Remember, making a declaration of your intentions or manifesto is one of the most powerful ways to actually align with them! 

I’m so excited for this new year and all of the amazing energy I feel connected with it.

I’m not sure it’s going to be easy, with a big election coming in the U.S., ongoing severe weather patterns (internally and externally for many), systems crumbling around us, etc., but this process I’ve outlined can be of significant support. 

Having a manifesto and/or clear intentions or supporting words/phrases to guide your year can certainly make it more manageable, navigable, and empowering.

May this new year be filled with insight, awareness, empowerment and peace. 

Kim Marie’s 2024 Manifesto

I am moving away from the status quo I’ve known…the rat race, chasing, grasping and anxiety.

I will keep my Energy Clear, vital and Flowing at high vibrations.

Love, Kindness, Positivity, Creativity and Wisdom will lead my way.

I am Safe, Loved and Nurtured in the arms of the Great Mother. I will tap into the Flow of my Feminine Energy, and be a vessel for the Great Mother.

I am Enough and Worthy. I will Trust myself and my Inner Wisdom. I will Believe in my value and Step in to my fullness.

I will Let Go of control, and Surrender to a Higher Perspective. I will have Faith and Trust my Intuition.

I will be Proactive, Preparing for making the difference I seek to make with Planning, Focus, and Small Steps of steady action.

I will set my Priorities, stay in my own lane and Persevere. I am Ready to be seen in full Confidence.

I will do the work I Love while maintaining excellent Self Care, allowing for Rest, Relaxation and Renewal in harmonious Balance with my work.

I will Be myself, stand in my Truth, and be my own best Advocate, Affirming the work I do.

I will Believe in my Strength and Empowerment to realize my Dreams.

My Enthusiasm, Joy, Peace and Engagement will cultivate strong Community and Connection, and bring great Abundance and Plentitude.

I will keep things Simple. I have all I need. I will stay Attuned, Receptive and Open. I will stay Slow and Steady in my process.

I am Proud of my Understanding and Awareness, and Trust that I can help many women realize that all is likely not as it seems.

Freedom lies in finding Ease in the day-to-day with Calm, Peace, Grace, Acceptance and Satisfaction.

I will remain Hopeful, for I am Birthing something new, aligned with Nature and Healing for many. I will allow those Special People to come into my life to touch and be touched by me.

I will turn to Writing and Journaling to stay the course, and share with others along the way.

All that I need is at hand. I will Trust myself and the Universe.

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