The Soul Planner to Create Your Empowered Life
The Soul Planner Logo - The planner that keeps you aligned with your Soul's longings to create your empowered life.

Listen to Your Soul’s Longings to Create Your Empowered Life

It's time for a planner that supports you in staying aligned with your Soul, without making you feel boxed-in to rigid charts, timelines and check boxes. Allow me to introduce you to

The Soul Planner

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The Structure to Stay on Track
The Spaciousness to Flow with Your Soul

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Soul Planner Living in the Flow
Soul Planner Monthly Spread with Moon Phases

The Soul Planner gives you the structure to keep your masculine side focused, on task, and productive, while offering flow to your feminine rhythmic, creative and nurturing side. When the masculine and feminine sides of our nature unite in Sacred Union, magic happens!

Masculine Structure

Planning pages to keep you on track weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually with appointments, goals and milestones.

Satisfying check lists of your own creation to help you feel effective and clear on what matters most to you.

Track your practices and create new habits so you can let go of those that don't serve you.

Organize and easily find your most important ideas and inspirations with customizable index and idea pages.

The perfect tool with options that meet your unique needs for hard copy or digital versions.

Feminine Flow

Overview pages to give you the bird's eye perspective that keeps you from getting stuck in overwhelm.

Align with Nature with rhythm wheels and references to attune to Moon phases, Seasons, Zodiacal influences & your Soul's Journey.

Freedom to express with Inspiration, Imagination, Intuition pages to create, design, brainstorm, journal, and express according to your Soul.

Interconnectedness of the entire digital planner to quickly link to what you need when you need it.

Community of kindred Souls on the path to align with their destiny and support you in aligning with yours.

Best of all, you'll be invited to my free Soul Planner Circle, a safe haven away from social media with tutorials, inspiration, tips, guidance and a community of women on the path to Soul alignment.

Peek Inside The Soul Planner

Sit back and enjoy a peaceful 20 minute introduction to The Soul Planner,
sharing both the digital and the hard copy versions, and all it can offer your Soul.

The Soul Planner is a companion to guide you through the journey of the year, honoring the seasons, cycles of the moon, zodiacal influences, and your Soul's destiny, while also keeping you focused and on task.

The Soul Planner Includes:

  • Calendar Spread with Clickable (digital version) Weeks and Dates for Quick Navigation
  • Year Overview to Plan Various Domains of Life, with Key Dates Noted
  • Wheels of the Zodiac, Moon Phases, Celtic Year and Soul’s Journey
  • Key Dates for Each Month
  • Weekly Rhythm Setting
  • Yearly Vision/Goal Setting and Planning
  • Monthly Practice & Habit Tracker
  • Quarterly Visioning/Planning with Brainstorming Notes
  • Monthly Visioning/Planning with Brainstorming Notes
  • Monthly Tracking of Sun’s Movement through the Zodiacal Constellations
  • Monthly Zodiacal Gifts of Virtues to Practice
  • Weekly Visioning/Planning Spreads with Journaling Notes & Inspirational Quotes
  • Weekly Tracking of the Phases of the Moon
  • Index Pages to Track Entries You Want to Reference
  • Ideas Pages to Brainstorm/Plan/Design Any Topic You Imagine (digital version)
  • Plenty of Space for Notes, Journaling, Planning, Brainstorming, Imagining, Task Tracking & More
  • Ability to Design the Planner to Your Liking while Staying Aligned with Nature’s Year and Your Soul

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Support Your Soul's Journey This Year


Printed/Delivered Version: $55 ($45 when you order by Jan 15)
Digital/Downloadable Version: $35 ($25 when you order by Jan 15)

Note:  Please allow roughly 2 weeks for the printed/delivered version to get to you.

About The Soul Planner Creator

I’m Kim Marie, and for over a decade, I’ve been supporting women to awaken the Inner Wisdom that allows for a truly empowered life aligned with full potential and peace.

My passion for transformational learning and development is expressed through a unique blend of archetypal wisdom, character strengths, esoteric and indigenous wisdom, and habit breaking programs that empower women to break the chains of old patterns and conditioning, and become not only their best Selves, but also effective leaders. Most importantly, they become true Self-Leaders, confident in who they are, committed to what they value, and able to create meaningful change.

My own journey to Soul alignment is filled with years of trial and error as I navigated divorce, health challenges, and single parenthood while building my business. I’m so excited to share The Soul Planner with you!

Kim Marie at desk smiling with confidence

Are you ready to create your empowered life?

Note:  Please allow roughly 2 weeks for the printed/delivered version to get to you.

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