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Senseless Violence

Senseless Violence  Why?  An easy question to ask when your town has just experienced a mass shooting. Three days ago, I posted an article on …

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How to Love in the Face of Pain

Have you ever longed for a loving relationship with someone, but struggled to get past all the hurt you’ve experienced with them?  This might be …

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How to Sustain Your Energy

We exist in a noisy world filled with so many people, products, companies, projects, ideas, etc. competing for our attention and generating noise all the …

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Soul for Solstice

Solstice literally translates as “Sun stand still.” The darkness of Winter Solstice, currently on December 21, marks the entry or birth window to the womb …

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How to Stop Tying Yourself in Knots

Doctors, gurus, teachers, politicians, bosses, friends, colleagues, movie stars, parents…. We listen to all of these and more, taking in what we think we “should” …

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Wisdom Revealing Itself

If there’s one thing I’ve learned on my journey through life, it’s that wisdom and truth will reveal themselves, but it’s our choice as to …

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