Between success at the cost of selling your Soul,

And playing small at the cost of success,

There’s a middle way...

What would your middle way look like?

Let's forge a path together!

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Support for Navigating Today's Extremes
& Finding Your Middle Way

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Our Souls Are at a Threshold

You’re likely here because your Soul knows something’s missing and is longing for its middle way, perhaps in your relationships, career, business, self-expression, or sense of confidence, security, and well-being.

Or perhaps your Soul is nudging you to share your gifts and wisdom in more powerful ways, longing to make a difference and be on purpose.

Human beings are experiencing a tremendous bereavement of Soul, filled with anxiety, self-doubt and discontent as we stand at the threshold between an old paradigm that’s no longer viable and the creation of a new, more empowered story. Threshold moments ask us to embark on a journey of the Soul.

The Journey

The journey to our middle way takes us through an inner wilderness, cultivating trust in ourselves, and an outer wilderness cultivating trust in our place in the world.

In consciously embarking upon this journey, we Remember who we are, Reconnect to what matters, Re-envision what’s possible, and Rebirth ourselves into a Soul-fulfilled life, embodying our awakened inner wisdom.

When one or more of these components is missing, we find ourselves stuck in the "gray area" of extremes,  riddled with self-betrayal, exhaustion, and separation from our inner wisdom.



Book an Exploratory Call to discuss where you are on your journey,
and what might bring your Soul Fulfillment.

Bring a cup of tea, and we'll explore what your middle way might look like together.

I'm Glad You're Here!

I'm Kim Marie, and through coaching, mentoring, and teaching, I bring a unique, and sometimes magical, blend of ancient wisdom, archetypes, Soul-led leadership, and practical spirituality to support visionary women (and a few who don't identify as women) longing to stop betraying themselves by compromising who they are.

A Few Things About This Work...

Each of my offers is carefully designed to be a holistic journey of empowerment for your Soul,
and weaves together with other offers to honor the understanding that nothing happens in isolation.
When we tend our inner realm, the outer realm shifts also.
As we support ourselves, we support our loved ones, and vice versa.

What Do You Need Most

for where you are on your journey?

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Magic Is Believing in Yourself

~ Goethe ~

I Believe in You

~ Kim Marie ~

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