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What Is Feminine Energy?

As I write in the energy of the Full Moon, I find myself contemplating Feminine Energy.

  • What exactly is true Feminine Energy?
  • What does it mean to stand in our empowered Feminine Energy?
  • How do we work with our Feminine Energy?
  • How does it balance with our Masculine Energy?

Feminine Energy Defined

“Feminine defined” is an oxymoron to me. 

How can we possibly define what is undefinable? To define the Feminine is to place Her in a box, stop Her flow, and diminish Her power. 

Yet how are we to connect with Feminine Energy if we don’t seek to understand it?

Perhaps this section of the article should be titled “Feminine Energy Explored” rather than defined.  

I’ve written numerous articles about the wisdom of the Sacred Feminine in which I offer possible definitions or expressions of the Sacred Feminine. Here I wish to explore the energy of the Sacred Feminine.

The origin of the word energy speaks of being connected with action. Energy has been called a “force of expression.” We might consider the question of, “How does the Feminine express?” in order to determine what Feminine Energy is and how to work with it.  

Here again we are met with the potential to define or box-in the Sacred Feminine, so let’s explore this with the understanding that these are possibilities rather than absolutes, and limited rather than complete.

The healthy Sacred Feminine has qualities of expression such as:


Diffusely Aware























These are but a few of the qualities of Feminine Energy and expression.

If these ways of being or expressing are ways of understanding Feminine Energy, how do we stand in our empowered Feminine Energy?

Standing in Our Empowered Feminine Energy

First, we must consider what it means to empower our Feminine Energy to activate within us.  Only then can we actually stand in that empowered Feminine Energy.

My deepest passion in my work of coaching and teaching has been to bring empowerment to women through awakening Inner Wisdom.

We must awaken to our own unique Inner Wisdom in order to stand in our empowered Feminine Energy. 

Wisdom is of the Sacred Feminine. It lives deep within us, an inner knowing that we are not taught, but reminded of. Inspiration, intuition and imagination help us to awaken our Inner Wisdom. 

I believe that awakening our Inner Wisdom is the ultimate key to standing in our empowered Feminine Energy. 

You can awaken your inner wisdom through the practice of many of the qualities of Feminine Energy noted in the list above. 

What would it look like to… 

  • Honor the multidimensionality of your being and of other beings?
  • Approach life more holistically?
  • Bring more spaciousness into your life?
  • Live in the flow of life rather than in resistance or fear?
  • Tap into your intuition?
  • Nurture yourself and life better?
  • Find harmony and compassion where it seems impossible?

I invite you to journal in response to these questions. Truly ask a place deep within yourself what it would look like to activate and practice these things in your life.  

Through this exploration, you’ll discover new things about yourself. You might even see where you  are stuck, have been hiding, have been mis-aligned with your Soul, or have special gifts that aren’t being shared. You might discover aspects of your being you’ve forgotten or ignored. 

In seeing these things, we have a greater capacity to empower and stand in our Feminine Energy. It’s through this awareness, this awakened Inner Wisdom, that we’re able to bring our Feminine Energy up from the depths of our being in order to share our gifts and create the fulfilling life we long for.  

How Do We Work with Our Feminine Energy?

Once we’ve begun to recognize and empower our Feminine Energy, and stand in it with our awakened Inner Wisdom, then we can work with our Feminine Energy to create a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

Remember that energy is about expression. Working with our Feminine Energy is about finding ways to actively express it.  

Here again we can ask ourselves questions such as…

  • How can I bring my intuition to my work and decision making?
  • Where or with whom might I collaborate to build more meaningful relationships?
  • What will I do to create more flow in my life and let go of what’s blocking me?
  • How will I weave together the many gifts, values and passions I have as an offering of my truest, fullest self?

Working with our Feminine Energy is about activating it. 

Many teachings of the Sacred Feminine speak of what the Feminine is expected to look like, but leave out how it can actually be worked with.

Tapping into our Feminine Energy and activating it is key to manifesting the dreams we have. Our dreams are an expression of our Soul, our destiny path that we came here to travel and fulfill.  

In our patriarchal dominance culture, we’re taught to keep our eye on the destination. Focus on the goal. Stay the course and push through to achieve the result. 

But what about those qualities of Feminine Energy we spoke of?  Where is the spaciousness, the non-linear, the openness, the self care, etc.?

Without activating the qualities of Feminine Energy, we end up feeling burnt out, exhausted, overwhelmed and bereft of meaning. 

We get so focused on the prize that we forget why we even wanted it in the first place. 

We need to have a vision, a goal to achieve, yet not land ourselves in a state of adrenal fatigue and complete breakdown in the process of moving toward it. This brings us to the next question.

How Do We Balance our Feminine Energy with our Masculine Energy?

In a culture that values power and control, it’s quite challenging to find balance between Feminine and Masculine Energies

The Feminine Energy of accepting and embracing uncertainty, for instance, is not very welcome when there is intense Masculine Energy focused on certainty and finding answers. 

A key to balancing the power of our Feminine Energy with our Masculine Energy is to first understand the qualities of both energies, and then to consider how one may be more dominating than the other.

We must consider this balance and expression of energies both in their healthy and unhealthy versions. 

  • Are the energies present more masculine or feminine in their nature?
  • Are the energies healthy or unhealthy in their expression?
  • Which energies seem to be over-expressing and which are under-expressing?
  • What energy might serve as a wonderful contrast to what is over or under expressing?  

In today’s world of overly unhealthy energy expressions, both of the feminine in the form of self-doubt, manipulation, people-pleasing, lack of boundaries, etc., and of the masculine in the form of dominance, control, competition, single-mindedness, etc., it’s not always easy to see how things are specifically out of balance.

By noticing what the energy (i.e. expression) is, we can then begin to bring healing and harmony to the world. 

Energy must both be activated (a masculine quality) and flow (a feminine quality). Nature is a perfect model of this balance. 

Balancing Feminine Energy with Masculine Energy requires us to understand the healthy energy we’re seeking to express, and learn how to activate it and allow its flow in a harmonious way. 

If you’re interested in more ways to understand, empower, activate and balance your Feminine Energy, be sure to check out my Solace program as a powerful journey to stay in alignment with your Soul and activate harmonious expression of your true energy.

May we all find beautiful balance and expression of the energy within us, and feel the gifts of the energy balancing around us.

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