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A women's membership program of ongoing support to navigate the journey through extremes toward our middle way of fulfillment.


From: $75.00 / month for 12 months

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Wisdom of Fairy Tales

An 8 week interactive online course beginning Oct 12, 2021 to re-enchant your Soul while being immersed in the magical language of archetype, metaphor, and all that fairy tales offer to reignite the magic in our lives and reconnect with our Soul's Inner Wisdom.



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Building Resilience Workshop

Building Resilience

A 3 Hour Intensive Workshop
Thursday June 30th 9am MT, 11am ET, 8am PT, 5pm CET

This workshop is limited to 8 women, ready to dive deep with personalized attention on how to see the dragons within that keep us from the harvest of our creations.

Throughout our journey, we’ll explore:

  • What true resilience looks like
  • The blocks that get in the way of moving forward
  • How to tame the inner dragons (i.e. the blocks) that keep us from our dreams, and put them to work for us
  • How to stop the tug-of-war that keeps us stuck in indecision
  • Unique tools and guidance for coping and standing strong in the face of challenges
  • Diving Deeper into the realm of the Soul for the sake of aligning with our True Nature

This journey will be empowering for you if...

  • You're tired of being tired, overwhelmed, stressed and/or anxious
  • You're ready to dive deep and cultivate sustainable methods to be strong within yourself
  • You’re standing at a threshold of transition in your life, longing for inspiration and wisdom to move forward
  • You’re longing to have tools and awareness to meet the challenges as they come without getting bowled over by them
  • You crave the wisdom of the Sacred Feminine, but without all the goddessy stuff or the hard core feminist approach
  • You long for a community of kindred Souls building resilience together
  • You also long for some personalized support for your specific challenges, and love the idea of direct support from Kim Marie, as well as tapping into the wisdom of a circle of women ready and willing to support you


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Mapping Your Sacred Year

Plan your year in alignment with your values & vision. A great compliment to the Sacred Nights of Winter Journal to include the wisdom that came to you during the Sacred Nights.



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Manifest Your Vision

A unique self-study online course to help you unite Feminine Flow with Masculine Structure so you can manifest the vision you have for your life.



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Becoming Effective

Want to feel more effective and actually get things done with joy? This course offers unique journey to effectiveness via your values and what matters most to you.



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Support for Navigating Today's Extremes

Download my printable Balance & Empowerment Cards and booklet.

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