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Facing Adversity with Courage and Resilience

Life is never without challenges. Challenges make life interesting and allow us to expand and grow. They can feel playful or exciting, and they can...
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Coming Undone to Become

The beginning of February marks the Gaelic Festival of Imbolc, St. Brigid’s Day, the Christian Festival of Candlemas, and the Chinese New Year. While many...
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Beyond Alone and Lonely

As the weather turns cold and our days are the shortest of the year, the darkness can feel challenging. While we’ve passed the longest night...
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Creating Magic Together

I've been deeply moved by the response to my last article, Trauma, Addiction and Healing, and so grateful to know that it was of such...
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Trauma, Addiction and Healing

I hesitate to have my first article in a long while be one of such a heavy topic, and yet perhaps it’s fitting for what’s...
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Confessions, Releasing, and Ownership for 2018

I have some confessions to make about who I am, and what my work is really about. It’s time I shared them fully with you....
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I Am Not a Revolutionary

My heart’s been very heavy in recent weeks, as I see and feel the pain around the events happening in the world that are destroying...
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An Eclipse for Freedom

This summer, I had the opportunity to travel to Challis, Idaho for a retreat in connection with the Great American Eclipse of 2017. Prior to...
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We Are All Mothers

Happy Mother’s Day!! Whether you’re a mother by gender and by offspring or not, I believe you are a mother. You’re a mother to your...
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5 Ways to Mitigate Anxiety

Last week, I expressed some radical ideas about the root of anxiety.  That article was intended to offer some solace and comfort in the knowing...
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The Root of Anxiety

What exactly is anxiety? Most all definitions indicate that to be anxious is to be greatly troubled by uncertainties. In considering the origin of the...
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Feminine Wisdom Rising

All around us, we see new energy rising up. One of the most significant markers of this energy is the unknown. Let’s face it!  In...
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