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My #1 Journaling Technique & Tip

One of my most cherished tools for navigating life’s toughest obstacles is the practice of journaling. 

I’m particularly fond of a leather-bound journal that holds multiple smaller journals within it. These smaller journals serve different purposes. One is dedicated to personal reflections, while the other focuses on my business endeavors. I employ various approaches to journaling, each serving its own unique function.

Brainstorming and creating lists are highly effective methods of journaling. I also love to write freely and just let whatever comes, trusting that it needs to be expressed. There are times when I wish to delve deeper into my thoughts and emotions, so I pose questions to myself within the journal. I contemplate the responses and explore the possibilities that arise. I also find it useful to compile lists of pros and cons when trying to make decisions.

One of my absolute favorite techniques in journaling is what I refer to as “dialogue.” This technique comes into play when something triggers me, or if I’m feeling overly emotional about something that’s keeping me stuck or getting in the way. 

In such instances, I take a moment to inquire which part of me is experiencing these feelings. I reflect upon whether there’s an aspect within me that clings to those emotions or expressions. 

At times, I assign a name to this aspect, while other times I let it be what it is. Engaging in a dialogue within my journal, I proceed to ask questions of this part of me, seeking understanding. 

For instance, I might ask, “What’s the nature of this feeling you’re experiencing?” Then, I transcribe the response. Naturally, this leads to further inquiries stemming from the initial answer. I might ask, “Does this feeling stem from fear?” or “What’s the underlying meaning behind your statement?”

The questions will come naturally, but the idea is to trust that you can write and dialogue with these inner parts of yourself.

It’s even possible to engage in dialogues with archetypes. Perhaps you converse with your inner queen, lover, or fool, each embodying different traits and desires. 

Dialogue journaling is such a powerful way to get to know yourself better. 

It empowers you to recognize the fragments of your being that may have resulted from trauma or challenging experiences. It also enables you to acknowledge aspects of yourself that remain unacknowledged in your daily life or are simply longing to be heard. Often, these neglected parts hold tremendous wisdom, waiting to be rediscovered and embraced.

For a powerful annual journaling tool, which includes many journaling elements within it, take a look at my Sacred Nights of Winter Journal, available each year in late September. 

For a video version of, My #1 Journaling Technique & Tip, watch here:

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