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Get Comfortable With the Uncomfortable

How Often Do You  Procrastinate?

How often are you finding yourself procrastinating or sitting with anxiousness? Or rebelling against what is and trying to avoid what’s going on? 

How often do you find yourself being overly perfectionistic, and even angry or resentful of what’s happening in front of you? 

All of us experience discontent at times. 

Life has its ups and downs. We go from being joyful and feeling like things are running smoothly to having dips where we find ourselves saying, “How much longer do I have to put up with this? How much longer can I handle this? How many more things do I need to deal with?” 

With perfectionism, avoidance, or procrastination, we can end up using those things as ways of avoiding or trying to paint a different picture. We try to make everything seem good. 

This is usually about being better able to sit with discomfort. When we go into perfectionism or procrastination, or we want something to be different and we rebel against it or avoid it, most of the time we’re just trying to become comfortable in the face of discomfort. 

Maybe we’re faced with something we don’t know how to do. There’s uncertainty or an unknown. We’re faced with something we don’t want to deal with, or that’s too painful or emotional for us, and we’re not sure how to handle it. 

We must learn to sit with discomfort so we can birth anew. 

Moving to Comfort with Discomfort

What do we have to do to move into the sense of comfort with discomfort? There are many things we could work with. 

The first is tapping into our creativity when we’re uncomfortable with something. 

How can we look at something to find creativity in it, and bring our creator self to the mix and say, ”Here’s what I want to do. Here’s what I can create out of this. Here’s what I can learn out of this.” We can learn to look at the situation and the whole idea with a creative learning perspective.  

The second thing that can bring comfort is to create stillness within ourselves. 

This is where we can tap into the depths, darkness, and our own quiet place from which inner wisdom we already have can arise. Wisdom is something we already have and we’re bringing it to the surface. Being still and asking ourselves, “How do I want to show up in this situation? Who do I want to be in this situation? How do I want to address this or make this work for me?” can allow us to feel tremendously more empowered in the face of discomfort.

Stillness can allow us to choose exactly how we face discomfort.

Do you want to spend your time procrastinating and surfing the web? Do you want to make this time incredibly valuable, effective, productive, and learn something from it? 

What do you want to create at this moment? 

Do you want to create something that’s just perpetuating discomfort? Or do you want to create something that’s a finished product? Or something that is a sense of accomplishment or fulfillment? Or an opening to something new to be created?

Sitting with discomfort and getting comfortable with the uncomfortable is very important for us to continue moving forward on our journey of tapping into our inner wisdom, waking up new aspects of ourselves, and deepening our strength and inner resolve to be who we came here to be. 

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