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Holistic Empowerment, Evolutionary Leadership, & Realizing Your Dreams

A few years ago, the concept of being an evolutionary was strong in my mind as a healing balm to create much needed change, both in the world at large, and toward the realization of our personal dreams.

I’m still contemplating this today, perhaps more than ever as I expand into more of what holistic empowerment coaching for women looks like, and how this can generate the evolutionized leaders of the future.

I was reviewing some old journal entries, and came upon this February 2018 entry about who I saw the evolutionized leader to be. I’d like to share it with you, and hope that it might serve as a manifesto for women on the path to become holistically empowered as evolutionary leaders of and for the future.

Who Is the Evolutionized Leader?

The evolutionized leader is courageous, ready to step out of the closet that kept her small.

The closet built of shoulds and conforming expectations.

The closet that said she had to compete to be successful.

The closet that told her to contain her emotions, keep pushing to make it, stay quiet so as not to rock the boat, have a plan or strategy, be prepared, polished and perfect, play it safe, follow the rules, trust the experts, succumb to societal pressure, give in to cultural norms, keep up with the Joneses, know how to do something before doing it, get the certificate, look the right way, say the right thing, keep striving to be better, and play the game.

The closet of self-doubt and self-betrayal.

The evolutionized leader knows she’s enough.

She knows who she is and what she values, and is dedicated to living aligned with those values.

She challenges the status quo and collaborates with others doing the same.

She honors and integrates her emotions, listening to their messages and embracing their heart-sourced wisdom.

She understands the importance of surrender and is thus able to navigate uncharted territory with grace.

She knows when to speak up and how to listen effectively.

The only rules she follows are those that support life, love, freedom and justice.

She trusts herself, fully tuned into her own inner wisdom, and knowing how to use it.

She is willing to take risks and explore new territory.

She cares more about the essence and experience of others than their accomplishments.

She is aware of the periphery while able to stay focused on her purpose.

She knows that life is not a game to be won, but a journey to be experienced with meaning and fulfillment.

She honors all perspectives, and exchanges her gifts with the gifts of the Universe for the sake of cultivating a culture of evolutionary love and wisdom.

The evolutionized leader shows up every day to inspire and be a beacon of light to those she guides.

She dances harmoniously between the polarities of life…light and dark, spirit and matter, inner and outer.

She is not threatened by those who would try to thwart her efforts…and there are many who would.

She is not hindered by the naysayers, and has compassion for the suffering of all beings.

She has moved beyond her own suffering and seeks to heal and be an advocate for the evolution of the Earth and Humanity.

She is holistically empowered.

She is whole.

She is wise.

She is balanced.

She is evolutionary.

Why Holistic Empowerment?

My work as a holistic empowerment coach for women is aimed at this vision of the evolutionized leader.

Whether we’re leading in our families, our communities, our jobs, our businesses, or simply our own self-led lives, holistic empowerment is critical for us to move forward in true freedom.

To be holistically empowered is to feel a sense of empowerment in all domains of life, whether in relationships, vocation, health and wellness, finance and economics, household management, parenting, spirituality, community, or otherwise.

Holistic empowerment doesn’t mean we never make mistakes, or that we are an expert in every area of our life.

Holistic empowerment allows for mistakes, and contains a knowing that we will learn as we go. It’s a willingness to step onto the path, even when the destination is unclear. It’s a sense of confidence and courage, even without always having clarity. It’s a capacity to be and become resourced and resilient to do our best, improving along the way.

Holistic empowerment is a sense that all is well in your world, even when you may be struggling in the moment. There’s a knowing that “this too shall pass.” There’s a sense of alignment with Nature and Her laws. There’s a willingness and commitment to embark on the journey and become more masterful in life navigation.

Without holistic empowerment, we cannot be evolutionary leaders.

We cannot move forward reinventing and rebirthing ourselves as life requires for us to become more of our True Selves.

Sure, we can become masters of certain areas of life, feeling quite empowered and successful in those areas. But if we fail to address all areas of life, there will always be things that can sneak up on us and keep us from our dreams.

Holistic awareness allows for holistic empowerment, which in turn allows for a clear path toward our highest potential. Holistic empowerment births the evolutionized leader.

Stepping on the Path to Holistic Empowerment

The first step on any journey begins where you are. Take stock of your current situation and experience in the various domains of your life.

What’s working?

What’s not working?

What is missing?

What’s needed?

What fears are you experiencing? Be specific.

What are your deeper longings? Be specific.

You must start where you are, and ask yourself these questions in all areas of your life…marriage, parenting, work, environment, etc.

Once you’ve taken stock of your current circumstances, you can begin to determine what steps to take to move into new circumstances. You don’t have to take steps in every domain at once. Determine what you feel you can do, and what feels sustainable.

Sustainable steps are key, as change cannot happen if we cannot sustain the efforts toward it.

What is a sustainable step you can take today toward your more holistically empowered self? A self-care practice? A conversation to declare a breakdown that you can continue to work through? A new activity that supports you?

My Solace program is designed to generate this kind of holistic empowerment, and do so in a safe container of sisterhood. All of my offers, videos, and writings are aimed at contributing to this empowerment.

If you’re not sure where to begin, I invite you to check out my YouTube channel for helpful videos. Read my blog for helpful articles. Check out my courses and programs for practical tools and guidance. Or schedule a complimentary conversation with me to explore how coaching can help you find the holistic empowerment you’re seeking.

I believe in you. You are so much more powerful than you think!

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