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How to Celebrate the Fall Equinox: 10 Easy Practices to CelebrateAutumn Equinox

There is a noticeable surge in interest surrounding the Equinoxes and the Solstices. More and more people are longing to establish a connection with Nature and discover ways to honor these celestial events.

In this article, we’ll delve into the growing interest in celebrating the Fall Equinox, explore how to celebrate it, debunk some common misconceptions, and emphasize the significance of the Autumn Equinox.

The growing interest in celebrating the Equinoxes and Solstices is undeniable. I’ve seen it in my work. I offer a free gathering for each of these events during the year, so be sure to check the invitation to my Autumn Equinox Gathering. It’s a beautiful opportunity to step in and celebrate the Fall Equinox. 

Why the Growing Interest in Seasonal Celebrations?

What’s with this growing interest in seasonal celebrations? My belief is that many of us yearn for a deeper connection to Nature, a better understanding of ourselves, and a chance to slow down while nurturing a more profound spiritual relationship.

Many of us have come out of organized religions or philosophies, and there’s a certain fatigue with the dogma, the rote memorization, or the rigid ideas of how to practice things. There’s a certain love, interest and passion toward these quarterly festivals that honors the seasons and rhythms of the year and helps us to feel more connected. 

Spending time in nature invariably leaves one feeling more peaceful, connected, and nourished. This longing to connect with the Fall Equinox, in particular, is driven by the turning of the wheel of the year. It’s turning from a bright outbreath of summer where we’re ripening and all of our expression is happening, and moving toward the harvest, turning inward to be more reflective.

The Autumn Equinox marks a day of equal light and darkness, symbolizing the impending lengthening of nights and shortening of days. There’s an inclination to turn inward and connect with our own inner light as the outer light begins to fade. This, I believe, is a primary reason we yearn for a deeper connection during this time.

With the Autumn Equinox, we also tend to have a deep longing for balance and harmony in our lives, both of which are inherent symbols of the Equinoxes. 

The Equinoxes epitomize equilibrium, with equal parts day and night, imbuing us with a sense of harmony. The Fall Equinox, in particular, encourages us to turn inward and connect with Nature, aligning ourselves with the balance and harmony prevalent in the natural world. We’re beginning to turn inward and find balance within ourselves.

10 Easy Practices for How to Celebrate the Fall Equinox

What can you do to celebrate the Autumn Equinox? I’d like to share ten simple practices you can adopt and adapt to your preferences. These practices can be undertaken in any order and customized according to your inclinations.

1. Intentional Pause 

Consider how you can create a purposeful pause in your routine around the Autumn Equinox. Perhaps you opt to rise early on that day, allowing for uninterrupted and undisturbed moments. Alternatively, you may choose to visit your sacred space and commence your connection there.

You might decide to allocate time for a purposeful slowdown, allowing for regrouping, presencing, grounding, and centering. These practices empower us to remain aligned with our True Self and True Nature.

2. Reflective Time 

Contemplate what aspects of your past year warrant reflection. This moment coincides with the celebration of harvest time in the Celtic Wheel of the year. Known as the Celtic festival of Mabon, the Autumn Equinox marks the midpoint of the harvest season, mid-way between the festivals of Lammas in early August and Samhain at the end of October.

Take the opportunity to assess the richness and fullness of your harvest. What have you sown, and what are you reaping? Did you plant seeds unintentionally or overlook them? Reflect on unexpected bounties and the forces that guided you.

3. Gratitude

The concept of gratitude takes center stage in the celebration of the Autumn Equinox. The origins of Thanksgiving, often associated with the European settlers and indigenous peoples in early America, hint at an observance closer to early October or late September, with some accounts dating it to October 3rd. This proximity to the Autumn Equinox, typically on September 22nd, underscores the resonance of this harvest celebration.

Engage in practices of gratitude. Create a gratitude ritual, and express appreciation for those who’ve supported you throughout the year. Extend your gratitude to Nature, your home, and all that enriches your life at this moment.

4. Nature Walk

What would it look like to spend time with Mother Nature during the Autumn Equinox? This season offers a portal to balance and harmony. Explore the sensation and significance of this moment through a nature walk, connecting with the energy that surrounds you.

5. Mid-Harvest Feast

Consider the concept of the mid-harvest. While Thanksgiving often aligns with this period, imagine gathering a collection of treasures from your garden or the local farmer’s market to craft a distinctive and gratifying meal. Celebrate this day with a feast that acknowledges the abundance provided by Mother Earth.

6. Observe the Animals

Take time to observe the animals from your front or back porch. Notice the activities of squirrels, bunnies, insects, birds, and other creatures. Observe their behaviors, attitudes, and motions, and contemplate how these may resonate with your own life. Observe how they work in preparation for winter. Are there parallels in your life?

7. Celebrate the Light

As the days grow shorter and nights lengthen, we embark on a journey inward, connecting with our inner light. Illuminate your Autumn Equinox celebration with candles or lanterns. Consider dedicating an evening to the soft glow of candlelight, providing a moment of reflection or reading in its gentle radiance.

8. Set Intentions

As you transition into a season of inner depth marked by diminishing daylight, set intentions for this period. Reflect on your desires for this time of year. Do you aspire to journal more, slow down, or align with the rhythms of nature? Invest time in crafting intentions for this phase within the wheel of the year.

9. Create

Harness your creativity in honor of the Fall Equinox celebration. Whether you choose to draw, sketch, paint, sculpt, dance, or compose music, channel your artistic expression to capture the essence of balance and harmony provided by the Autumn Equinox.

10. Fire Ritual

Engage in a fire ceremony as part of your Autumn Equinox celebration. Whether kindling the first fire in your wood stove or lighting a backyard fire, revel in the quality of light it bestows. Use this fire as a symbol of illumination, a means of releasing what you are ready to let go of, and an invitation to the light that will guide you through the impending season of shorter days.

A Common Misconception About the Fall Equinox

One of the main misconceptions about the Autumn Equinox is, often people think the Autumn begins with the Equinox, and yet Indigenous Wisdom tells us that these quarterly festivals, these quarterly wheel turns in the seasons of the year are peaks. Autumn Equinox is the peak of the season of Autumn. 

To fully explore the depth of this Autumn time, register for my Autumn Equinox Gathering where we celebrate the richness and fullness of this season. It’s completely free. We’ll gather together on the Autumn Equinox for about 90 minutes and share in some reflection and meditation. We’ll light a candle together. We’ll do some of these things that really honor the depth of this time, and do so in community, in connection with each other. I’ll offer you some exercises and prompts to connect more deeply with the energy of this magical Autumn Equinox portal.

I hope this article on how to celebrate the Fall Equinox has provided you with many different ideas, tips and guidance around how to make the most of the Autumn Equinox. I also hope to see you in my free Autumn Equinox Gathering

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