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Making a Difference

“I want to make a difference in the world” is a statement I frequently hear from numerous women when I inquire about their aspirations. I often ask them, “What is it that you truly desire? What would provide you with a genuine sense of empowerment, your own path to success, a way for you to flourish?”

Making a difference serves as an experience of empowerment we yearn to experience.

Discovering Your Path to Making a Meaningful Difference

Often, we find ourselves desiring to make a meaningful impact, yet we struggle to discern the path to do so. 

Various obstacles hinder our progress or make us feel trapped amidst the obligations and expectations that prevent us from connecting with our true purpose. However, when I engage in conversations with women about making a difference, I ask, “What is it that you genuinely desire? What actions does your Soul urge you to take? What stirs your passion?”

Initially, their response is usually along the lines of, “Well, I don’t enjoy doing this. I want to stop that.” They tend to start with what they don’t want. I explore further, asking, “What is it that you truly want to do? What kind of difference do you aspire to make?” It’s then that they realize they have this deeper Soul longing to make a difference, but they don’t really know what that difference is.

They aren’t clear on what that would look like, how that would feel, what would make them feel great, and what would make them know they’re making a difference. 

You’re Already Making a Difference

Most women drastically underestimate the magnitude of the difference they’re actually making. They overlook the impact they have on the lives of their family members, their community, and the friends they connect with and support. They dismiss these contributions, considering them as part of their day-to-day existence without recognizing the profound influence they have. 

We tend to believe that we must create a monumental impact, as if it were a headline in a newspaper, in order to truly feel like we’re making a difference. However, I can assure you that you are making a difference each and every day.

Perhaps you’re not always making the exact difference you desire, and that might be why you sense a deeper calling from the depths of your Soul. That’s perfectly alright. You can gradually embark on a journey to explore what that calling entails and discover the areas where you’re already making an impact but fail to appreciate it, as well as the areas where your Soul is calling you to make a difference.

I recall an indigenous elder once sharing with me that the key to happiness lies in effectiveness. This concept resonates deeply with the idea of making a difference. Most of us yearn to be effective in our world because being effective means influencing something, causing movement, change, or inspiration through our actions.

Each of us must find our own unique way of achieving effectiveness. Some may make a difference in small but significant ways within their family, home, or community, while others may tackle larger-scale endeavors. Some may passionately advocate for important causes, such as the environment, malnourished children, or education.

Trust in the inherent capacity within you. Understand that when we take the time to be still, ground ourselves, breathe, listen, and pause, that calling will reveal itself. The difference your Soul longs to make will show itself to you as it’s ready to be revealed.

Make a Difference Where You Can

Another consideration is whether your calling is already showing up, but you’re just too afraid to admit it and listen to it.

I know that may sound a bit pointed. Many of us hear that inner calling, but we hesitate to listen because we know that if we do and honor that calling, our entire lives will change. 

We’re afraid of the sacrifices we might have to make. We’re concerned about the opinions of others. We worry that we’ll be viewed as unconventional or impractical for leaving a comfortable job to pursue a different path and take a significant risk.

The truth is, we’re being called to do things differently, to step forward, to follow our inner calling, and to make a difference wherever we can. Sometimes, that difference may simply manifest in the way we show up.

In my own experience, this realization was significant. I come from a lineage that expressed certain behaviors and patterns I was determined not to repeat. I did not want to perpetuate those ways of being. However, the reality is that some of those patterns are deeply ingrained in our DNA. Some of us may be here specifically to make that difference, to transform the way we think, behave, and show up in the world, thereby shifting the energy for the next generations.

That may be the difference that we’re here to make, and that is so noble. Changing deeply-rooted habits, patterns, and ways of thinking that’ve been passed down through generations is a formidable task, and not everyone is willing to embark upon it. 

Trust that whatever difference you’re called to make, you may already be making a significant impact.

Seek Support

You may have more support than you realize if you’re willing to voice your calling and connect with it. It’s also calling out to you. Therefore, pause and listen. First, determine what it is you desire to do, how you want to make a difference, and if necessary, seek assistance from someone who can guide you along that path.

That’s part of what my coaching work is about. There are also numerous great mentors, books, coaches, courses, and alternative ideas available. You could begin by scheduling a free exploratory conversation.

I’d love to hear about the difference you wish to make. Please leave a comment sharing your aspirations. I’m eager to learn more and explore how we can collectively support each other in moving forward, achieving the level of effectiveness and impact we aspire to create in the world.

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