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Feminine Wisdom Rising

Feminine Wisdom is rising around us and it’s time to take notice. We are a culture in need and the Sacred Feminine is a powerful support for healing and evolutionary well-being.  The Divine Feminine is ever present in our day to day lives through the cycles of Nature and of life itself.

A Culture in Need of Feminine Wisdom

All around us, we see new energy rising up.

One of the most significant markers of this energy is the unknown.

Let’s face it!  In today’s crazy, chaotic world, there’s very little we seem to know anymore.  

I was speaking to a friend recently about how when we were growing up, our parents and grandparents, for most of us, were still married, working the same jobs, living in the same house through retirement and receiving pensions.

Today, we have incredible numbers of split families and couples, a significant number of different jobs with different companies for our careers, and definitely can’t rely on pensions!

We move from place to place, often not even knowing our neighbors. We feel isolated and disconnected, turning to substances, food, compulsions or other addictions to feel a sense of belonging.

Depression, rare among our parents or grandparents runs rampant in society today. We’ve lost a sense of shared values, longing for culture and connection.

While this may all seem rather disheartening, there’s something happening below the surface that might be exactly what we need.

The Sacred Feminine is rising to shake things up.

Sacred Feminine Defined

The Sacred Feminine is the space from which creativity emerges. That dark, often chaotic and definitely unknown space.

The Sacred Feminine is what connects us to our Soul.  She IS our Soul.

The Sacred Feminine appreciates the non-linear path that allows us to experience more of ourselves and more of the Soul of the World.

The Sacred Feminine is what brings compassion and empathy to a humanity that has forgotten to care for its brothers, sisters and home.

The Sacred Feminine takes us into our shadows to show us how to build strength and courage from them.

The Sacred Feminine refuses to remain stuck in the status quo, and is willing to challenge it for the sake of Life itself.

The Sacred Feminine nourishes us, offering just what we need, exactly when we need it.

The Sacred Feminine offers the space through which time moves, and reminds us to tend to that space.

The Sacred Feminine shows us how to experience life, actually experience it through our senses, desires and connections.

The Sacred Feminine takes us out of planning mode and into the flow of life, reminding us that we are never in charge.

The Sacred Feminine speaks to us through our imagination, inspiration and intuition.

The Sacred Feminine removes what no longer serves.

The Sacred Feminine births what is needed to honor and support evolution.

The Sacred Feminine embraces all, with unconditional love, compassion and understanding.

The Sacred Feminine is an advocate for true justice, ensuring that there’s always balance and always a harmonizing of all actions.

The Sacred Feminine reminds us that while we’re beautifully unique, we are also part of a greater whole, and that every human being and life form has value.

The Sacred Feminine protects her children with the ferocity of a mama bear, yet sets them free to make their own way in the world.

The Sacred Feminine is the patroness of the arts, bringing beauty, expression and creativity to the fore.

The Sacred Feminine reminds us of our values, cultivating culture and connection.

The Sacred Feminine is collaborative, taking us out of our competitive, scarcity mindsets and bringing us together in love and support of one another.

The Sacred Feminine refuses to allow anyone to play small.  She reminds us of our gifts and expects us to share them.

The Sacred Feminine honors the gifts of all human beings, and all creatures on the planet with unconditional love and acceptance.

The Sacred Feminine ensouls, bringing true life filled with beauty and goodness to that which seems lifeless.

The Sacred Feminine is intense, emotional and expressive, and channels these toward sacred, loving action in the world.

The Sacred Feminine takes us to our depths, through the unknown, through the chaos. She brings us face to face with all that we’ve ignored, with the wisdom we’ve forgotten, and with the evolutionary life that we’re meant to live.

Feminine Wisdom in the Cycle of the Year

The cycles of the year offer us a continual spiraling of birth, death, and rebirth. In many stories, such as that of the archetypal meaning of Eastertide, we have death culminating in resurrection. In the story of Christ, there are the stages of the passion which remind us of the struggle we often face as we learn to die in order to be reborn.

What I want to offer for contemplation is that after the death, in this archetypal story, there is a descent.  Biblically, the story is often told as being a “descent into hell.”  I’d like to offer the perspective that there’s much more to this story than descending into hell and resurrecting.

Where is the descent leading to?

As we journey through the challenges, the darkness, the chaos that comes before resurrection, we journey to the Sacred Feminine.

We journey to the Divine Mother, the heart of the Earth, the heart of matter (from the Latin word mater, meaning Mother) in order to find sustenance and wisdom.

And, we journey with the Sacred Masculine (Christ). We journey with the remembering of and focus on the true essence of who we are.

It’s only in uniting the Sacred Masculine (the Christic or Spirit aspect of ourselves) with the Sacred Feminine (the Divine Mother or Soul aspect of ourselves) that we are able to truly resurrect.

While this draws from a Christian archetypal story, one need only look in nature to see the truth of this ongoing process of death and rebirth.  There’s a complete dissolving; a complete return to the Mother in order for the rebirth to happen, whether in the cycles of the seasons, or in the life cycle of a butterfly.  Most all wisdom traditions have an expression of this cycle within them.

We see this non-linear feminine wisdom in the cycle in the seasons, the cycle of the day, and the rhythm of the year.

All is born of the Mother, and all returns to the Mother.  The Sacred Feminine will guide us if we allow Her.

Our patriarchal world has lost its way.  Yet we see the hope of Feminine Wisdom rising up to bring balance, harmony and goodness.

I wish to be clear that “patriarchal” does NOT mean masculine. We absolutely need the Sacred Masculine in order to move forward.  Much of the positive progress we’ve made in the world is due to the remarkable strength of the masculine.

However, when the wisdom of the Sacred Feminine is not included in the actions of the Sacred Masculine, we find ourselves way out of balance.

This out-of-balance world we’re living in today is seeking the rise of the Sacred Feminine to bring harmony.  To experience true harmony, we mustn’t forget to seek the Sacred Feminine with the Sacred Masculine. And we must seek the Sacred Masculine with the Sacred Feminine.

The Soul (feminine) must seek the Spirit (masculine), as the Spirit seeks the Soul.

May you experience the union of the Sacred Masculine with the Sacred Feminine within!

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