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A Healer of Healers

What exactly is a healer? By definition, a healer is one who would “cause (a wound, injury, or person) to become sound or healthy again.”  The origin of the word heal in many languages literally means “to make whole.”  Health is considered wholeness.

When we speak of wanting to be healthy, many of us speak of different things. We might want to lose weight, exercise more, have more energy, eat better, sleep more, manage our stress better, etc.

What we are really seeking is wholeness.  

So what is wholeness? To be whole is to be undivided, and not broken, damaged, or impaired.  Wholeness is a state in which all aspects of our nature, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, are in fullness, and in coherence with one another such that our entire being is in balance.

It’s interesting to think of wholeness as being “undivided.” Consider the many directions toward which we all feel pulled at once on a daily basis. So many aspects of life require our attention, including our homes, our children, our partners, our jobs, our finances, our relationships, and yes, our health.

How can we feel “whole” when life itself seems to tear us apart?

That’s a question that can be easy to sink into with complete resignation, feeling as though wholeness is simply an unreachable goal. Yet if we return to the idea that wholeness is really about all aspects of our nature, our unique, human nature, being in fullness and coherence, we can begin to look at this differently.

What if it is not the many directions life seems to pull us in that creates the sense of being divided, broken or impaired, but rather the lack of coherence and/or fullness in the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of our being?

In order for any of these aspects of our nature to be in fullness, we must give them attention and allow them to develop. We must ask each of these aspects of our being what it is in need of. Does your mental state need a break from so much thinking, analyzing, fear, anxiety, etc.? Are you paying attention to the emotions you feel, allowing them to be integrated and digested, as opposed to brushed under the rug to be dealt with another day? Do you have the physical will to do what is being asked of you, or does your body require rest, rejuvenation, exercise or nurturing? What about your connection to Spirit? When is the last time you thanked the Great Mystery, the Father-Mother God, the Source of Life for each breath, each step, each thought or each feeling? When is the last time you noticed the magic and support surrounding you, and actually invited more of it to support and guide you on your life’s journey?

When we give attention to all aspects of our being, we can bring fullness to them.

In order for these aspects of our nature to be in coherence, they must be in balance. Balance is not the same as being equal. Balance is about each of these aspects of ourselves supporting one another such that we feel aligned, on purpose, in the flow…i.e. whole. You cannot experience wholeness when your emotions are telling you that grieving is important, but you are physically pressing on, hoping to deal with your pain another day. You cannot feel whole when you are faced with a significant task, and do not seek the support required, Spiritual or otherwise, to see you through. You cannot feel whole when your intuition (higher thinking) tells you one thing, and you do something else. If our clear thoughts, heart-felt emotions, and capable will are not aligned with each other and with a greater cause than our personal self, we cannot feel wholeness. Without wholeness, we are not healthy.

While we could speak in depth about all the ways we remain unhealthy, or the ways we can choose to become healthy, what I wish to share today is a key reason for the importance of being healthy.

I have a deep passion for seeing you develop, grow, evolve, and thrive. I have a deep passion for humanity and the Earth to develop, grow, evolve, and thrive as well.  I believe that a significant key to realizing this thriving and evolving is healing, and more specifically, I believe that we are all healers. Every one of us has the capacity to heal, to make whole, to bring fullness to life.

We can heal ourselves, and in our own state of health, we can then help others to heal.

Remember part of the earlier definition of healer as being one who “causes to become sound?” To be sound, by definition, is to have the “faculties complete and in perfect action.” This, for me, is the most important aspect of being in a state of health. From a state of health, a state of fullness and coherence, with our faculties complete, we can be in “perfect action.”

Perfect action, love-in-action, is what I believe is more necessary than ever for the shifts seeking to manifest in the world.

When we take the time to heal ourselves, paying attention to all aspects of our being, purifying, cleansing, clearing, aligning and developing them, we then become beacons of light for others. We become role models for others. When we are in fullness and coherence, we are living our potential and sharing our gifts. When we share our gifts and have the capacity to take “perfect action” in our lives, others notice, are inspired, and benefit. The world benefits. Your personal healing of yourself is then a healing force for all. You become a healer for healers, inspiring and offering momentum to the healing process, and bringing wholeness to the future.

Taking up the task of healing ourselves is no small feat. I love working with clients who are ready to commit to this process, to go deep, to face the emptiness and create the fullness of health. There is nothing more amazing than being a midwife to the birth of inner power within another.  We all have this potential, in our own unique ways. We can all serve as midwives of human and planetary potential.

In what ways are you needing healing? What cries for attention are the various aspects of your being sounding within you? What will it take for you to connect to your inner power and become a healer of healers?

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