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Rising Empowered: Are You Ready?

When I began writing Inner Power Tools, my intention was to offer you a weekly gift of support toward empowerment, a gift that would bring strength, encouragement, inspiration and connection. I wanted to offer to more people, the tools that my coaching clients regularly ask for.

My clients are on a mission. They are ready to move to a new place in their lives, create new habits, see from new perspectives and open to new possibilities.

These kinds of changes don’t happen without practice, and often we require tools to support us in those practices.

My clients also tend to know there’s something bigger that they want to connect to, a higher potential they know is there within them, but don’t quite know how to access yet.  These client needs perfectly match what I have a passion for offering.

I find no greater joy than being a witness to one awakening to their sense of inner power, to this “something bigger” that was always there, but for whatever reason, wasn’t known. There are lots of ways of defining spirituality, but one of my favorites is the idea that we all have a spark of the Great Spirit within us, waiting to be realized and ignited. This spark is the light of our highest potential. I have a passion for bringing practicality to spirituality.

Inner Power Tools is all about giving you practical tools to work with toward realizing your highest potential, your Divine spark.

As I’ve been writing these tools, and receiving so much positive feedback, I have come to feel even more passionate about supporting the awakening of the rising feminine energy in the world. We all, male or female, are feeling these changes toward more compassion, awareness, care, community, collaboration, passion, transformation and new birth. We can see it in the movements rising around us, and the new ways and perspectives being expressed.

We have all been affected by the years of imbalance between the masculine and feminine aspects of existence. As a woman, I am particularly steeped in seeing the impact of this imbalance on women. As the mother of two boys, I also see the amazing beauty and importance of the healthy masculine.

There is such a deep need in the world for a healthy balance of masculine and feminine energies and expressions.  

Not only have we been immersed in an imbalance of masculine and feminine, but we have also been immersed in a very unhealthy expression of the masculine due to the lack of feminine principles in practice. The healthy masculine has a wonderful way of providing, protecting, being focused, taking action, expressing courage and strength, and attention to detail. Yet without the healthy feminine qualities of receiving, nurturing, honoring all beings and needs, patience, vulnerability and a view of the big picture, these masculine qualities turn sour. They become controlling, scarcity-minded, war-like, lacking in awareness of others’ needs, greed and power based, domineering, and lacking in connection to the whole.

We all have the masculine and feminine qualities within us. Masculine/Feminine is not the same as Male/Female, though women do have a natural tendency toward the qualities of the feminine, while men have a natural tendency toward the qualities of the masculine.

Our task as human beings is to express the highest masculine and feminine qualities possible, which can be done by ensuring that we are tending to a balance of both qualities within us, and an honoring of the strength of our uniqueness as a man or a woman.

Most of my readers of Inner Power Tools are women, and I do have a particular passion for supporting women and mothers toward realizing the full potential of their inner feminine power.  I believe that as women realize their full potential, they will step forward into the world as leaders in various feminine ways, bringing much needed balance to the vastly out of balance and unhealthy masculine leadership we have experienced for centuries. At the same time, I believe that as men also honor the feminine, they can then protect this in women, bring out a balanced masculinity within themselves, and support the emergence of the feminine energy rising in the world today to generate a more balanced and evolutionary future.

Every where we look, we see the need for birthing new systems, methods, perspectives, etc.

We must remember that all is birthed from the feminine.

If we don’t take care of the feminine in ourselves and on the planet, if we don’t allow the care for the collective, the transformation, and the receptivity for the new, nothing will be birthed, and there will be no evolutionary future for the Earth and Humanity.

Women can easily blame men for their predicaments, but I personally see that

women can be the worst offenders of perpetuating an imbalance favoring unhealthy masculinity.

Women can be ruthless with one another, judging, gossiping, comparing and competing with each other. One of the greatest tools we can all practice is to honor each other and ourselves, practicing sincere love and gratitude for our differences and uniqueness. If we can take a moment to literally receive our own being as sacred, birthed from the Source of Life and deserving of nurturing; if we can take the time to receive others, accepting their differences and recognizing that no one is better than another, and that all have gifts to share; if we can stop mercilessly comparing ourselves to one another, judging each other or letting jealousy take over;

perhaps if we can practice these things, we will begin to find the balance and transformation we are seeking.

As I continue my work, I see more and more how important it is for women to come together in authenticity, support and connection. We need to support each other and allow ourselves to be vulnerable with each other. We must express our needs, stop doing it all alone, and stop trying to be superwomen.

I love this week’s quote from Daniel Andreev. Let us come together to allow for this birth. Let us all open to the gifts of the feminine, and support each other in doing so.

Let us find the courage to face the shadows within ourselves as individuals, and ourselves as a collective, and see the imbalance we have all had a hand in perpetuating in various ways.

There are amazing global feminine movements toward care, equality, and justice. These are wonderful, and it’s important to know that we can work with smaller steps too. We can ignite a movement within ourselves and in our own community. We can come together in support, solidarity and love toward a future “dying to be born” in this imbalanced world.

More passion is being ignited in me toward this vision of a harmonious world of balanced feminine and masculine energies. I’m getting inspired, and working to create programs that serve this inspiration. In the meantime, I hope that you will also be inspired to consider how you can cultivate this balance within yourself, and to share these ideas with others by forwarding this article and sharing the power. May we all have the eyes to see what is emerging, and meet it with open arms.

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