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Creating Magic Together

I’ve been deeply moved by the response to my last article, Trauma, Addiction and Healing, and so grateful to know that it was of such support to so many.  I’m especially inspired to get back to more writing, and I thank you for that inspiration!

Tomorrow is the first Sunday of Advent, meaning, “the coming.”

Advent is not just a Christian festival. Nearly every wisdom tradition honors this time of deepening darkness and anticipation for celebrating the return of the light after Winter Solstice. It’s a time of preparation and purification. It’s an opportunity to turn inward and to slow down. It’s an invitation to connect with your natural rhythms and tune into your higher wisdom.

Turning inward is Nature’s call for us here in the northern hemisphere, and it’s no small task given the outer world seems to do everything it can to pull us in the opposite direction. 

Last year, I created a video to support and inspire you during this time, and I’d like to share it with you. You’ll learn about the deeper meaning of this season, and why it’s so important for aligning with your True Self and destiny. You’ll explore ways of working with and navigating these coming weeks to prepare for Solstice, Christmas and the Sacred Nights of Winter.

Grab a cup of tea and sink into a bit of nourishing inspiration.

Light in the Darkness
Bringing Meaning & Peace to the Holidays

Since I was a little girl, I’ve felt the potency of this time of year, but had no real understanding of it when I was young. For the last 15 years, I’ve worked consciously with this season, and have been amazed at the powerful effects of doing so.

My wish is that you too may find the nourishment your soul seeks, and the amazing wisdom within you to guide you along your journey.

In the video, I speak about the 4th edition of my annual journal, and of course this year I’m releasing my 5th edition, whose theme is “Turning Into Your Self.”

If you haven’t already ordered your Sacred Nights of Winter Journal, you might want to do so now, as I’m nearly sold out! 

This journal will become a map for the coming year that will be an invaluable, personalized tool for navigating the ups and downs of 2019.

I’m thrilled to share that included in the journal this year are brief “Star Signposts” written by Lyn Dalebout for each night of the Sacred Nights of Winter.

Lyn offers regular Star Signposts, and I highly encourage you to subscribe to them to stay attuned to the stars year round. The heavens open to us during the Sacred Nights, and connecting to what’s happening in the stars is yet another powerful way to tune into our Soul and Spirit resolves.

With your journal purchase, you’ll also receive regular emails during the Sacred Nights of Winter to support you in deepening the journal practices, and getting more out of the experience.

Working in community during this season enlivens the experience even further.

I invite you to join my Sacred Nights Community, a private Facebook group where I’ll be sharing insights and inspiration to guide you through this season, and where we can interact and share our experiences with one another.

We’re not alone on this journey. Magic happens when we come together!

Mia Moran of invited me to speak about the potential available to us when working consciously with the season of Advent and the Sacred Nights of Winter on her PlanSimple Podcast

Listen to the podcast for even more inspiration, and check out her website for wonderful tips and tools on simplifying your life and making it more sustainable…a HUGE foundation for the work I do with my clients!

Indeed we create magic together, sharing resources, support, and wisdom.  

I’m so excited to dive into this special time of year with you, and look forward to the journey!

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