The Root of Anxiety

What exactly is anxiety? Most all definitions indicate that to be anxious is to be greatly troubled by uncertainties. In considering the origin of the word anxious, it’s from the Latin anxius, meaning “concerned, uneasy, troubled in mind.” It’s also defined as “causing anxiety” from the word angere or anguere, which is “to choke, squeeze, …

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How to Expand Time

I’ve been wrestling with my calendar lately, wanting to find a “perfect” schedule to allow me to accomplish my goals in the new year! I’m a single mom of two boys who have a very busy school schedule, along with being an entrepreneur and being responsible for the administration of a non-profit organization, not to …

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New Beginnings 2017

Last year was a huge series of transformations and shifts. Numerologically, it was a 9 year (2+0+1+6), which means it’s energy was full of endings. I’ve not run into one person that didn’t have significant completions or endings in their life. How did these endings show up for you? In my life and business, these …

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