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Note: The dates in the video are based on 2022, but the general idea is the same. Please refer to the written dates/times to the right  of or below the video for the most current celebration scheduled.

Autumn Equinox Gathering

FrIday, September 22, 2023

10am MT, 12pm ET, 9am PT
Free Online Event

Sacred Balance

Gathering the Harvest, Taming our Inner Dragons,
and Finding Balance

Find the balance your Soul needs to harvest its greatest potential!

The Autumn Equinox is a powerful portal of energy, empowerment, and magic.

Equinoxes and Solstices are some of the many gifts of Mother Nature, supporting us to align with the empowered woman within us.

This event will be a gathering of kindred souls on the day of the Autumn Equinox. We'll celebrate, hold vigil, reflect and build resilience for what is to come.

This powerful time is an opportunity for us to find balance within us as the entire world of Nature comes to perfect balance around us. It is also a time of turning inward from the out-breath of Summer toward the deep in-breath of Winter.


Is It Possible to Create Sacred Space Online?

Short courses - affordable offerings with practical tools and guidance to live empowered.



Week after week, I witness the sacred space my Solace community creates together, and have felt inspired for months to create an event that brings our entire community together.

The Equinox is a perfect time to come together in sacred community!

What You'll Experience:

  • Celebrate the Magic of the Autumn Equinox
  • Cultivate Resilience for Taming the Dragons that Keep You from the Harvest Longing to Provide for You
  • Connect to the Wisdom of the Autumn Equinox
  • Center & Ground with Practical Exercises that Bring Comfort in Uncertainty
  • Align Your Nature with Nature's Wisdom
  • Generate a Sense of Belonging, Gathering with Kindred Souls in Community

Plus you'll receive:

Free Workbook and Guide:
Journaling As a Path to Come Home

This free downloadable guide is a wonderful companion to work with as you consider journaling as a tool for connecting more deeply with Nature. You'll find 6 methods to help you align with your True Nature, and set you up for turning inward during this time of year.

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Free Access to Kim Marie's Beautiful Online Community

I've created an amazing online space that is sort of on the internet, yet feels like its a warm, cozy space of kindred Souls on the path to empowerment. When you register, you'll be sent a link to add yourself to my HeartBeat community, and within the main Connection channel for a few days before the Equinox, I'll be sharing added tips, inspiration, journaling prompts, and guidance to help you prepare for opening fully to the Autumn Equinox and its powerful energy.

HeartBeat Community 72sm

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee for the gathering?

Nope!  It's 100% free of charge, and a community gift. 

How long will the gathering last?

We will begin promptly at 10am MT, 12pm ET, 9am PT, and the gathering will last for 90 minutes until 11:30am MT, 2:30pm ET, 10:30am PT. 

We'll have pauses to center, connect and energize during our 90 minutes together too!

What is the format of the gathering?

We'll be gathering on Zoom (you'll be sent a link upon registration) promptly at 10am MT. 

We'll do a centering and grounding practice to presence ourselves together, followed by a series of exercises, teachings and meditations to connect us with the beautiful energy of the Autumn Equinox portal.

The entire event will be a celebration and ritual of connecting our Inner Nature with the magic and rhythm of Mother Nature.

Will you be selling anything?

This event is about gathering in community.

I always share anything that's coming up when I host gatherings, and I'm thrilled to share the I'll be unveiling this year's Sacred Nights of Winter journal, which will be available for pre-order after the event. I may also make mention of my Solace program and the ways in which it supports us in connecting with our True Nature. After all, I do want you to know the opportunities available to deepen the work. 

While I always allow any gatherings I host to be a place to share more about my latest offerings, this is truly a focus on gathering in celebration, ritual, community and presence to the magic and wisdom of the Autumn Equinox, and is not intended as a sales webinar. 

Do I need to prepare for this event in any way?

Please bring a journal you can write and reflect in, along with some writing utensils.

I am also asking that you have water to stay hydrated, and a candle with some matches to light together in opening our gathering.

Other than that, please plan to have all distractions turned off or silenced, and ideally ensure that you are in a quiet space where you will be uninterrupted for 90 minutes. 

Take time to set yourself in a good mindset of connecting, relaxing, and nourishing yourself on this special day.

Will there be a recording?

While I sincerely hope you'll join the gathering fully present in real time, as I think you'll get the most out of it with your participation,  I understand that timing doesn't always work out that way. 

I will be recording the gathering and posting it in my free Inner Wisdom Circle community space, so be sure to join that if you haven't already. 

Please note that the community is where I offer these free recordings as a special gift to community members. I will not be sending a separate link via email. When you join the community, you will get notified of when the recording is posted, and you'll have access to many other recordings and resources there too! 

I also invite you to email me with any questions that may show up for you afterward, as I'd be happy to answer them.

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About Your Host:

Kim Marie is a Women's Empowerment Coach supporting her clients to awaken their inner wisdom and transform their lives.

Kim has been passionate about aligning with Nature and Her rhythms since she was a child. Through Kim's own journey of self-discovery, she found that it is the Laws of Nature that play perhaps the most significant role in bringing us back to our True Nature.

Through her powerful mentoring, programs, courses, and retreats, as well as her group coaching program, Solace, Kim brings a unique, and sometimes magical, blend of ancient wisdom, archetypes, Soul-led leadership, and practical spirituality to support visionary women (and a few who don't identify as women) longing to stop betraying themselves by compromising who they are.

Kim supports women to remember who they are, reconnect to what matters most, and rebirth themselves into the life of freedom they envision.

Yes, please register me for the Autumn Equinox Gathering!

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