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I Am Not a Revolutionary

My heart’s been very heavy in recent weeks, as I see and feel the pain around the events happening in the world that are destroying people’s lives, homes and communities. 

Anger and divisiveness are rising. Souls too long oppressed by our dominance culture, founded upon millennia of patriarchy, are feeling pushed to the brink by life’s injustices.

That brink is felt as we hear the battle cries of self-proclaimed revolutionaries demanding change. Unfortunately these demands are sometimes resulting in extremely dehumanizing and destructive behaviors initiated from the insidious nature of dominance that only perpetuates the challenges we’re facing. 

What if there’s a different way to bring change?
What if a revolution is not what we’re really seeking?

I believe the long forgotten and ignored Sacred Feminine is rising up to teach us a new way through the awakening of our inner wisdom. I’ve been thinking a lot about what the Feminine might be longing to show us.

The Sacred Feminine asks us to face our dragons, meeting our pain, anger and rage head on, and purifying them through the wisdom of consciousness. The purification of our emotions is what educates us, and shows us a new path. 

Let’s consider anger.

A person who is unable to flare up on righteous anger at injustice or stupidity will never acquire real love and kindness, whereas a person who educates himself through righteous anger will acquire a heart aglow with love, a heart that leads to the doing of good deeds. Anger that is conquered and purified becomes transformed into love and kindness. A loving hand is seldom one that has never clenched in response to injustice or foolishness.

What I love about this quote from Rudolf Steiner is that while there’s the acknowledgement that we must meet our anger and not hide from it or suppress it, we also must learn from it in order to act in love. We must bring wisdom to it, and not act impulsively with our anger or rage such that the generative nature of love and kindness are hindered as a result. 

This is the evolutionary work of the Sacred Feminine.

What does this mean? 

Let’s take a look at the idea of being a “revolutionary” as so many with righteous anger speak of being. 

The definition of revolution is “an instance of great change in affairs; a revolving.”  This in itself seems like a reasonable goal for one who wants to see a change in our culture.  Yet if we go deeper, and consider that the word revolution is based on the word “revolve,” we begin to see something more. To revolve is to “bend around, turn back, roll back, happen again, return, go over, repeat, turn over, travel around a central point.”

I’d like to argue that we’ve traveled around the central point of patriarchy’s dominance long enough, and I for one am not interested in being a revolutionary. I do not wish to turn back, or continue the pattern of repeating his-tory, filled with un-purified anger that bends around itself over and over again.

It is time for her-story. 

So what would her-story focus on for bringing about the change that we seek?

Evolution. Not revolution.

Evolution is “an opening of what was rolled up.” We might even call this the rising of the forgotten and long oppressed Sacred Feminine. She advocates for the growth and development of life…ALL of life, no matter how seemingly oppressive or ugly. 

To evolve is to “unfold, open out, expand, roll forth, develop by natural processes to a higher state.”  This includes our emotions. If we are to purify anger, we must first allow it to unfold and be revealed, and then allow it to move to a higher state.

Because of our attention on the central point of dominance culture, we’ve been stuck in a pattern of revolutionary change that only folds back on itself, anger generating more anger, hatred generating more hatred, rather than rolling out in the evolutionary change that allows for anger to become love in action. 

In order to evolve, we must be willing to shift the center point, and see life from many perspectives.

This is the motion of the unfolding spiral, rather than that of the rip tides that keep us stuck in the undertow. 

It is important for us to express our anger. We need to speak with our voices. We must bring to light that which has been ignored. 

At the same time, the wisdom of evolution is asking us to keep Her in mind. The common soul of humanity is asking to be placed in the center, with the understanding that ALL souls are suffering at the hands of patriarchy.

None of us really knows what to do, or how to move to a paradigm of evolutionary consciousness. Yet, if we can consciously come together around the moving center of our shared humanity, there is hope, and together we can venture into the unknown.

At the center of our shared humanity is love, and we can only experience love when our righteous anger is purified through the wisdom of consciousness. 

Wisdom is courageous enough to walk into the depths of not knowing.

Wisdom is patient.

Wisdom asks questions before seeking or stating answers.   

Wisdom honors all perspectives in humility.

Wisdom seats itself in the soul of our common humanity.

Wisdom does not dehumanize.

Wisdom honors all of life.

Wisdom advocates “for” rather than fighting “against.”

Wisdom cannot be owned or patented.

Wisdom sets and honors boundaries that support life.

Wisdom’s mission is evolution.

I don’t choose to be a revolutionary.
I am an evolutionary. 

To the best of my ability, I will take one step in front of the other, making plenty of mistakes, honoring the mistakes of others, forgiving, learning, and growing.

I will belong to myself, to everything, and to nothing, and not to any faction or group for the sake of “fitting in.”

I will seek to purify my emotions, being present to them no matter how painful.

I will honor the emotions of others, and the pain that stands behind their harmful actions.

I will speak out for healing and justice, without dehumanizing anyone.

I will set boundaries with kindness, ensuring my space and the space I hold for those I serve remains safe, even if uncomfortable at times.

I will use my voice for goodness, and remember that the power of the word has the ability to create our future.

I will seek to understand, and live in the questions, rather than looking for answers.

I will honor and respect the houses of others, as I build my house and hang a lantern in the window as a beacon of light and warm companionship for others seeking wisdom, freedom and peace.

I am an evolutionary.

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