How to Find the Courage to Trust Yourself More

How To Find the Courage to Trust Yourself More

Are you struggling to find the courage to trust yourself more? This is common with many of the women I coach.

This is what I hear from many of the women I coach

Trusting ourselves is a middle way, a place of empowerment where we’re all longing to be. 

In this article, I’m going to share thoughts on trusting ourselves more as women, and moving toward that place of empowerment. 

What Does It Mean To Trust Yourself?

So many of us struggle to trust ourselves. What does it really mean to trust ourselves? 

Trusting ourselves means we listen to our inner voice or our inner wisdom. We trust our intuition.

How many times have you been running out the door, and some little voice whispered, “Be sure to grab that or take this with you,” and you think, “I’m not going to need that.” Maybe it’s an umbrella and it’s sunny out and you think you’re not going to need it, yet by the time you come home, it’s pouring rain and you wish you’d listened to that little voice that said, “Bring your umbrella.”

Trusting your Self also means trusting you belong here. 

Trusting you have a place here, trusting that your work, gifts, skills and your passions are all needed here on this planet.

Sadly, so many of us as women, don’t trust ourselves. In fact, we’ve even been taught not to, whether it’s through gaslighting that things are not what we think we see them to be, or other cultural conditions. We have an intuition and we’re told, “You’re crazy. That’s ridiculous. Why are you thinking that.” Or we have an idea and maybe it’s counter to the cultural norm. 

Feminine Wisdom can see such a diffuse level of awareness. 

We can see so much more when we’re tapped into our Feminine Wisdom. 

Everybody has Feminine Wisdom, but women are typically tapped into it more strongly, and they can see more. We, as women, can have this strong feminine diffuse awareness that allows us to see other possibilities that others don’t. Yet often when we show up fully and speak our truth, we’re told, “That’s crazy, that’s ridiculous!” 

Then, what do we do? We start to say, “I shouldn’t speak up. I shouldn’t say anything,” or maybe, “I can’t trust myself.” 

We start to believe that we can’t trust ourselves. We also can start to believe we can’t trust the world. We start to feel we can’t trust that we’ll be listened to, or that our ideas matter, or that our intuition is valid.  

Let’s face it. We also have a difficult history with millions of women burned at the stake for speaking up, for having a different perspective, or for trusting something different because of something they intuitively knew within themselves. 

We need to stop completely ignoring ourselves and our intuitive sense. We need to believe we can trust ourselves.

How Can We Start To Trust Ourselves?

Trusting ourselves is not easy. I wrestle with this just like most women. 

I used to feel I couldn’t trust myself. Therefore, I had to trust everyone else. I started seeking out the guru, the teacher, the book, the author, or the course creator. All of those things are great. We all need to keep learning. I’m a big advocate of constant learning, constantly expanding our horizons, opening up our boundaries and edges, and expanding beyond our edges. 

However, when we start doing it because we think we can’t trust in ourselves, then it becomes a problem. We try to fit into the mold the book or the guru is telling us we should be. We start to believe there’s a right way and a wrong way of doing things. We think that if our intuition, our inner voice and our inner wisdom, is telling us something else, we must be wrong. If things aren’t working out for us or things aren’t going well for us, there must be something wrong with us. Hence, we get this constant barrage of messages that tell us it’s not okay to trust ourselves. 

It’s not your fault. It’s the culture we’re living in that feeds a lack of self-trust. But we can do something about it. 

We can learn to trust ourselves. We can find our middle way between trusting everyone else and thinking we can only trust ourselves and nothing else. 

We might think, “I’ve got this. I know what I’m doing. I trust myself.” But we’re not really listening to our inner voice. We completely hide and disappear. We don’t trust anything. We close ourselves up in a cave and don’t want to interact at all. We become apathetic. We become disinterested. We feel powerless to do anything to move forward at all.  

Sometimes we need to retreat. Sometimes we need to get out there and learn and try new things. Both extremes have their place, but we don’t want to live in either extreme. We want to learn to trust ourselves from our center, from our inner wisdom, from our intuition, from our energy. To center all of those things is such a powerful tool. 

I’d love to hear examples of what you’ve noticed.

Do you trust yourself? 

If you don’t trust yourself, why not? 

What do you think is in the way of trusting yourself? 

What would you like trusting yourself to feel like?

Let’s talk about this. Let’s get other women talking together about the ways in which we can support one another to trust ourselves, our intuition and our inner wisdom. 

For a video version of, How To Find the Courage to Trust Yourself More, watch here:

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