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Transformation: Is It Worth It?

Nothing gives me greater joy than witnessing the moment when one realizes a spark of their own inner power.  You know the feeling.  You breathe a big sigh of relief or “aha.” Your eyes light up, your posture changes, your face expresses a new joy, and even your voice might change a bit.

You suddenly have clarity, confidence, and a sense of peace.  You feel empowered.

In these strengthening moments you feel like you could do anything.

And then, there’s the moment, not long after that spark is lit, that often contains doubt, fear, anxiety, and overwhelm.  You begin to feel off-center, aimless, and even powerless.

I want to share with you an example of this experience, and some tools for how to move through this state of powerlessness. I’ve wrestled for a long time trying to understand why I can be so very disciplined in many domains of my life (nourishment, parenting, home, projects, finances, etc.) but not so disciplined in the domain of moving forward in my business. After many failed attempts to figure out what was “wrong” with me, and plenty of useless moments of beating myself up for not doing a better job, I asked myself the question,  “What do I need when I’m feeling disoriented, unmotivated or uninspired in my business activities?”

In contemplating that question, I realized that, while not intentionally, I’ve set my life and business up in such a way that I am often quite isolated. As a solopreneur, I’m doing the creative, promotional, developmental and operational work of my business largely on my own.  I do much of my coaching from home via Skype, and I have some consulting work that is virtual, with very little in-person connection. I’m also a single mother of two boys, and don’t have another adult in the house to bounce ideas off of or process things with.

I came to the empowering realization that I have a need for more connection that was not being met, and I could do something to change that.

Receiving this spark of understanding, I was at first very excited by the possibilities I began to see.  I could feel myself on the verge of a significant transformation, able to see opportunities for creativity and service that I hadn’t seen before. But then, the discomfort set in. I started doubting myself. I thought about all of the logistics, expenses, time, energy, etc. that would be required for me to make the changes I was envisioning. Then I began to wonder, is this transformation worth it?

I had to connect with why this transformation I was considering was important to me, which brought me back to my passion for helping others awaken their inner power and create a life they love. I spent a lot of time considering the meaning of my work, and its value in the world. When I thought about the shifts in the people I’ve been able to support along their journey through coaching and mentoring, I knew the change I was considering was worth it.

Once I made the decision to persevere, no matter how significant the fears, doubts, anxieties, etc., I was able to connect with courage, and begin to take action in spite of these blocks.  

I created lists of what needed to happen.  I assessed what I was able to do on my own, and what I needed help with. I wrestled with decisions that required faith and deep trust that as long as I follow my heart, the steps for how to serve will be shown to me. In this process, I decided to enroll in a business building program right here in Boulder, in which I am able to have monthly master mind groups with other female solopreneurs, learn more about how to grow my business, and work in person with a mentor along the way. This has been a significant leap for me, filled with uncertainty. Yet I am so enthusiastic about what I am learning, the connections I am making, and the possibilities I see for the future.

Once I took the first leap, the next steps began to reveal themselves.  

As with headlights shining in the night on a dark road, we can only see a little bit in front of us at a time. One must trust that even while you might not see more than 250 feet in front of you at any given moment, you know the road is there to allow you continue moving forward. Each step we take is a change, a significant transformation from being in one place, perspective, or situation, to being in a new one.

As I continue on my journey, each step revealed often continues to bring anxiety, and I find comfort in repeating the same process of evaluation to continue moving forward.

It’s important to note that regardless of whether we choose to make the change we are evaluating or not, we will inevitably take a step in some direction. We are hardwired to grow and change. We are always taking steps in our lives toward new experiences. Some are large and significantly life altering, while some are small and don’t seem to have much impact on our life in the moment.

If you choose to take the step toward change, and it turns out to be a mistake, it is never really a mistake.  It simply brings you another step closer to clarifying the direction you are meant to take.  We often have to try many things to come to that place of inner confidence that helps us to keep moving forward.

In this process of evaluation, I realized that every big step we want to take is a transformation of our being, and every big step requires many little steps, which are also often transformational.

Each step, big or little, requires courage. It is not clarity that is required, but courage. Clarity will only come when we take the next step.

The new format for my newsletter, Inner Power Tools, is one of many new things birthing from these transformational steps I’ve been taking.  I’m also working on rebranding my business from Sophia Rising to Kim Marie. The look may change in time, but for now, this is what you can expect to see:

While still under construction, my  new website will be I’m creating new programs to support you on your journey of transformation, and look forward to releasing those as they are ready, so be sure to watch for them in future newsletters.

I’m so grateful to you for taking this journey with me. I hope that these Inner Power Tools serve to support you in the new year and beyond.

Sign up below for weekly Inner Power Tools, and updates on new programs and offers, and a new website coming soon. Send me a note and let me know in what areas of your life you could use some inner power tools to support you, and if you know of others who would benefit from these tools, please forward this on to them.

May you awaken your inner power, and create a life you love!

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