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Remember Your Inner Radiance

As I drive toward the Black Hills of South Dakota for a week of precious camping time with Mother Nature and my boys, I send you a reminder of your inner radiance.

I’ve been thinking about inner radiance a lot these days, considering how powerful our radiating glow can be in the face of so much that comes at us every day.

I will speak more of inner radiance next week, but for now, I hope you will take a moment to ground to the earth, feel your feet, and notice the beauty and support of life around you. Connect to the heavens, and remember your very own star of wisdom guiding you in every moment.  Tether yourself above and below, and allow that connection to settle in your heart with the knowing that you are a bridge between spirit and matter, inner and outer, heaven and earth.

As you radiate outwardly, you remain strong and stable, centered in your being, and able to navigate whatever territory you are asked to traverse.

I can feel your radiance from here!  Enjoy your week.

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