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What Does It Mean to Be in Harmony with Nature?Plus 10 Powerful Ways to Get there

What does it mean to live in harmony with nature? 

We hear a lot about the idea of living in harmony with Nature, but what does living in harmony with Nature really mean? Why should we live in harmony with Nature? It’s more important than you might think.

In this article, we’re going to explore what it means to be in harmony with Nature. I’ll be sharing 10 powerful ways to start being more in harmony with Nature today. 

Understand Harmony with Nature

First, we want to understand what “harmony with Nature” means. 

Harmony in itself is explained as notes in music that come together and form a pleasing sound. It’s the opposite of discord. Perhaps, you can think of  flowing against the stream or being against the grain of something as being discordant. It goes outside of the flow. 

One of the things about being in harmony with Nature is that we’re in the flow of life. 

Flow is a very feminine quality, very much about aligning with the Feminine. We talk about Mother Nature because Nature is a very feminine quality.

To live in harmony with Nature is to tune into and balance our Feminine and Masculine qualities, to step into the flow and to feel a deep sense of connection, respect and alignment with Nature and Her principles. 

How can we be in harmony with Nature? Here are 10 strategies to help you.

Understand the Laws of Nature

One of the first and most important ways of harmonizing with Nature that too many of us don’t know about is understanding the Laws of Nature. 

To be in harmony with Nature, we need to really understand Nature. The Laws of Nature are a very powerful way to do that. Most of us don’t know what they are. We hear a few things here and there, like the Law of Attraction or the Law of Vibration, but we don’t really understand what they mean or how to live in harmony with them. All of Nature does, except for most humans. 

We are Nature as well, but because we have the ability to think and choose for ourselves, and have a sense of sovereignty, we’ve become quite disconnected from living in harmony with Nature. 

But I have some good news. If you want to tune into more of the Laws of Nature and how to live aligned with Nature, my annual Sacred Nights of Winter Journal has the theme of Living Aligned with Nature this year. I’m going to go much more deeply into the Laws of Nature, what they are, and how we can honor them. The journal looks at 13 nights during what I call the Sacred Nights of Winter between December 24 and January 6. You’ll do a deep dive to connect and align with Nature more effectively.

This journal is so powerful. You’re going to love it! 

Pay Attention to Your Lifestyle

A second way to be in harmony with Nature is to pay attention to your lifestyle. 

I am a huge advocate of holistic living. Nature is holistic. Everything in Nature is cohesive, working together and honoring the various aspects and domains of Nature. 

We need to look at our lifestyle and treat it the same way. We need to honor all aspects of our being, whether it’s our health and wellness, our sense of spirituality, our finances, our family and community life, or any of those things, ensuring that they’re in coherence. We want to pay attention to our lifestyle and how we’re living it so we can be more in harmony with Nature. 

Nature can be an amazing teacher to help us see where we might be out of balance or having a lifestyle that’s misaligned with natural expression.

Pay Attention to Feminine Principles

Another way to be in harmony with Nature is to pay attention to Feminine principles. 

I already talked about flow, but we also want to look at things like receptivity and other feminine qualities. 

Are we receptive and open to life? The feminine is really great at navigating uncertainty. So tapping into our feminine can help us with that.

The feminine is also very collaborative. Everything in Nature is collaborative if you think about it. We can also look at the cohesiveness, the integratedness, the interdependence and how everything is embraced in Nature. 

Tuning into these Feminine principles of embracing, collaborating and honoring the whole of life is really helpful to help us be in harmony with Nature.

Honor the Rhythms of Nature

Another way to be in harmony is to honor the rhythms of Nature. 

We can pay attention to things like the seasonal rhythms, or the rhythms of the cycle of the moon and its various stages. Most of us don’t even pay attention to these. We’ve become rather disconnected, and we’re seeing the toll that’s taking.

Most of us try to fight against the seasons we don’t like, or push through moon influences, and don’t pay attention to any of these. When we start paying attention to Nature’s rhythms, we can be so much more harmonious with Nature and her cycles. 

Know Nature & Surroundings

Another way to be in harmony with Nature is to know and relate.

Know your surroundings and experience what’s around you. Many of us don’t even spend time knowing what kinds of plants or animals might frequent our own backyard. When we start to tune into and be aware of our surroundings, and in many ways this would include even our indoor surroundings, the whole of our life environment, we see that everything around us is influencing us. 

Being tuned in and understanding how Nature influences us, and how to connect with it more or disconnect from it more if the need arises, is really important to be more in harmony with the flow of life.

Recognize We Are Nature & Learn How All of Nature Exists Within

We are Nature. All of Nature lives inside of us. 

We can think, “How am I the tree? How am I the bird? How am I the ocean? How am I the sky? What is it that is living in me?” 

We can look to Nature for these archetypal models that show us more of who we are, that help us connect more to the real, true knowing that Nature lives within us.

Nature and all of Her laws and processes live within us. So getting to know Nature, understanding that we are Nature, and that all of Nature is within us is so powerful.

Allow Nature to Move Through You

Another way to be in harmony with Nature is to allow Nature to move through you. 

Feel into it. Feel the calm and the peace we all feel when sitting outside on a beautiful day, or walking near a stream or a bubbling brook, or listening to the beautiful bird song, or hearing the waves of the ocean. There’s so much there to draw from and to feel wonder and appreciation about. 

When we let Nature move us the way that it was intended, we begin to feel much more in harmony with it and much more connected to it. We’re not resisting it. 

Our patriarchal dominance culture wants us to dominate and control Nature rather than live in harmony with it. We want to actually allow Nature to move us, to touch us, to have us feel something and connect to the wonder that is within Nature. When we do that, we’re not interested in controlling or dominating Nature anymore. We’re much more interested in genuinely living in harmony with it. 

Let Nature be Your Greatest Teacher & Guide

Another way to be in harmony with nature is to let Nature be your greatest teacher and guide.

Truly, when I started doing this, everything changed. This is why I host free quarterly gatherings for the seasons. 

I talk a lot in my community group about the cycles of the moon. I’m a firm believer that the more we connect with and tune into Nature, the more we truly become empowered as our own unique self.

When you look to Nature to be your teacher, you’ll learn so much. Observing animals, plants, and other phenomena will help you understand yourself more because, remember, we are Nature, and so all of that lives within us. 

When we start listening, paying attention and noticing what we can do to honor Nature and let it teach and guide us, we can feel so much more in harmony, and so much more empowered as well.

Recognize Our Small Part in A Much Bigger Picture

Another way to be in harmony with Nature is to recognize our small part in the bigger picture. 

We are such a tiny part of this vast cosmos. Nature isn’t just the trees and the birds. It’s also the stars and the galaxy. It’s the whole of life that we are a very tiny part of. When we can begin to recognize that, and step in and interweave with that, everything can begin to change.

We start to have way more gratitude, appreciation and humility around our place in this world. 


Finally, the tenth thing I want to share to be more in harmony with Nature is gratitude. 

Have more gratitude for everything you see.

Be grateful for what Nature gives to us, the teachings and opportunities it shares, anything at all of Nature we may take for granted. We take a lot for granted. Practice gratitude and recognize all that we have to be grateful for. 

Nature gives us the clothing on our backs. It gives us the food on our tables. It gives us the home that we live in. It’s so beautiful and generous. There’s so much to be grateful for. We would never want to harm Nature if we could pause and honor that gratitude. 

To be in harmony with Nature is to be out of discord, to be in flow and connection. The more we can learn to be in harmony with Nature, the more we learn to step into and be in harmony with our own truth.

This concept of being in harmony with Nature is a vastly underrated tool for helping us to become more empowered. I hope you found some great tips in the 10 strategies to be more in harmony with Nature. 

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