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Connect With Your Dreams

From an early age, I was very much a dreamer.  I believed anything was possible.  I felt anything could be created, and certainly that I...
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A Time to Choose: Connecting to What Matters Most

We are living in a time of immense change, and while it often doesn’t feel like we can do much about it, in actuality, we...
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The Coming of the Light

I spent a great deal of this month of November feeling a significant darkness within.  Yes, I’ve been tired from the extensive work on my...
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Celebrating Life

Today I celebrate life, my children’s lives, the lives of those who have touched me, and the life of the earth.  Forty two years...
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Meeting Our Reflection

What does it really mean to reflect?  Some formal Webster definitions include: To give back or exhibit, as an image, likeness or outlineTo make manifest...
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A Culture of Care

What does it take to care in today’s world?  I mean deeply care, for each other, for the planet, for our homes, for our belongings. ...
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The Promise of Spring

As we approach spring, I have felt a quickening within myself.  I notice a desire to do more, to be with others more, and to...
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What Does It Mean to “Know”?

Have you ever had someone ask you “how do you know?” after having shared something with them, and struggled to answer their question?  I have...
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The Courage of Conscience: Part 2

Many people were provoked by and/or resonated with the concepts shared in my previous article, The Courage of Conscience.  This response, combined with the fact...
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The Courage of Conscience

In my last article, I ended with the notion of finding courage, tuning into our conscience and doing what is honorable.  I’ve been sitting with...
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Taming the Dragons Within

I had the most magical experience this morning as I walked my boys to school and then returned home. I have the privilege of being...
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The Surprising Irony of Letting Go

Frequently we hear the notion that letting go is “required to reduce stress,” “necessary to experience true joy,” “a key to enlightenment,” or some other...
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