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Journey Into the Wild

True empowerment is found when one trusts in themselves and their place in the world.
This trust is found only with a willingness to journey into the Inner Wilderness of Soul and
into the Outer Wilderness of Life. Are you ready to take the journey?

Explore the map below to see where you are on the journey.

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Journey Catalyst

The beginning/birthing of the journey is associated with Winter, when we're asked to turn inward and connect with our Inner Wisdom. 

Navigating life between home and the outer world, we're constantly crossing thresholds of development, moving through cycles of rebirth and growth.

We may feel ourselves at a Contractive Threshold, longing to explore our Inner Wilderness and trust in ourselves more; Or perhaps at an Expansive Threshold, longing to explore the Outer Wilderness and trust in our place in the world. 

The cycles happen simultaneously in different domains of our life, the journey spiraling ever forward toward Soul Fulfillment.

We'll start with the Inner Wilderness cycle, and complete this tour with the Outer Wilderness cycle.

Contractive Threshold


Feeling a longing for change within, and a need for replenishment, the Spirit seeds of Winter are inviting us to cross a Contractive Threshold and venture into the womb-space of our inner wilderness.

This threshold is triggered by feeling successful yet dissatisfied, lost, alone, misfit, unsure of self or desires, or a lack of passion or purpose, and guides us toward inner stillness and sustenance.

The Tree of Life, from roots to trunk to branches to fruit/seed is the archetype used for this cycle.


How Can I Be Myself?

This stage of the Inner Wilderness cycle is associated with the Spring, and experiences the wisdom seeds of Winter quickening within us, seeking to put down roots.

There's often resistance to be met. We seek to understand and connect with the roots of who we are, perhaps learning to redefine ourselves according to a more authentic expression of self.

In this stage, we hone our discernment, and work to meet our doubts and fears.


What Matters?

The second stage in this cycle asks us to reconnect to what matters from the depths of who we truly are.

The sap (life force) begins to rise within us, as in the trunk of the tree. We strive to see and break old patterns that don't serve, and connect to new ones that do. 

We're connecting to our own unique values and sense of purpose, perhaps newly realizing them. We deepen our capacity to connect effectively with others, and work toward emotional integration and mastery.

This stage is a process of ripening and persevering, and is associated with the Summer of the year.


How Can I Be Myself?

In stage 3 of the Inner Wilderness journey, we discover new options available to us, like the many branches of the tree. 

We begin to release the old and make room for the new. This stage comes with the process of harvesting what has grown from the Winter seeds, Spring rooting, and Summer ripening, and is associated with the Autumn of the year. 

There may be inner dragons to overcome, and stress management to explore as we move toward fully reclaiming ourselves and opening to the many new possibilities before us. 

Trust in Self


Completing an Inner Wilderness cycle supports us to find Trust in Ourselves. We know who we are, what matters, and the vision we see as possible for ourselves.

We've tended the inner seeds, and nurtured them to grow and fruit with new seeds as we approach another Winter threshold.

Expansive Threshold


Feeling a longing to contribute, and a need to share our gifts, the renewing rains/snows of Winter are inviting us to cross an Expansive Threshold and venture into the Outer Wilderness to bring forth our experience and wisdom.

This threshold may be triggered by feeling unsure of how to contribute, a longing to be visible and make a difference, or fear of our full potential, and guides us toward the inner leadership to share our gifts and experience.

The Water of Life, from rain/snows to tributaries to river to ocean, is the archetype used for this cycle.


How Can I Contribute?

In stage 1 of the Outer Wilderness cycle, we're gathering our wisdom and gifts, as if discovering the many tributaries and springs bubbling forth from within us.

We often meet the dams and barriers blocking the flow that moves us forward. This is a stage of accepting responsibility for our lives, and learning to overcome/navigate life's extremes so we can truly be effective. 

The snow melt of Winter is moving toward the many tributaries, some dry and barely moving and others rushing with rapids, all of which are aspects of our being asking for recognition. This stage is associated with the Spring.


Where Are My Gifts Needed?

As the tributaries connect to the river in the cycle of water, we reconnect to the inspired task or offerings we feel called to share in the world, 

We step into the flow of our own river of gathered wisdom to create a new story for ourselves. We learn to stand in our integrity and embody our core values, aligned with our unique sense of purpose.  

Stage 2 is a place for regeneration and nourishment, connecting to sustenance so that we may serve with our full potential. We can imagine ourselves floating on the river in the height of Summer warmth as we prepare to share our gifts.


How Do I Make a Difference?

In remembering our gifts, and reconnecting to our values and where we can serve, we are ready to experience the ocean of possibility. 

The ocean can be challenging, with active waves we must learn to surf or float upon. Stage 3 is where we begin to act upon our dreams, bringing kindness and compassion to both ourselves and others in doing so. 

We're bringing our gifts forward to manifest a new vision for ourselves in the world, moving from fear to a sense of faith and understanding. This stage is connected with the Autumn of the year. 

Trust in Place


Completing an Outer Wilderness cycle supports us to find Trust in Our Place in the World. We know the gifts we have to share, where they're needed, and how we can make a difference.

We've found the tributaries, connected them to the river, and followed the flow into the ocean of new possibilities. The water is ready to be lifted to the sky and rain/snow down upon us for another Winter threshold.



When we consciously integrate the wisdom of the stages on the journey to Remember who we are and our unique gifts, Reconnect to what matters and the community we can serve, and Re-envision what's possible for our lives and our impact in the world, we Rebirth ourselves, cycle after cycle, catalyzing thresholds we must cross toward the life we're meant to live.

We become beacons of light for others, like a drop of water in a pond that ripples out and inspires those around us to become who they too are meant to be. We are truly free to be ourselves, and allow others to do the same.

This is Soul Fulfillment, the place where we find harmony between our inner and outer lives, and have the capacity to effectively and sustainably find our middle way through the extremes and challenges life brings.

Support for the Journey

While each of the stages noted above were connected to a season in the year metaphorically, we can experience any of these stages at any time in various domains of our life.

All of my offers aim to support women wherever they are, at any time, on the Journey to Empowered Soul Fulfillment.

These offerings include:

My signature Solace Program is a powerful guided journey encompassing all aspects of this inner and outer wilderness exploration, and is an affordable way to find support, community and the transformation to embody your most empowered self.

Wondering what might be right for you? Feel free to send me a note, or schedule a free exploratory call to determine what may be the best fit.

I'm here for you on your journey, and believe in you and your ability to reach the vision you have for yourself!

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