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Too many productivity systems and processes leave out the most important element….YOU!

In Becoming Effective you will:

  • Explore why most productivity methods aren’t sustainable or resilient
  • Connect with your unique values and purpose
  • Determine your unique needs for productivity and effectiveness
  • Re-define effectiveness on your terms, according to your rules
  • Explore new ways to work with time and space effectively
  • Create a process that aligns with your values & works to keep you effective
  • Connect with what allows you to feel most satisfied and fulfilled
  • Understand what it takes to sustain the process you create for yourself

Enjoy this multi-video course with interactive worksheets and practices to help you become more effective in your life and work.

Becoming Effective: Beyond Overwhelm to Productivity; Create more effectiveness and productivity in your life and feel fulfilled and empowered.


Kim Marie is a transformational life and leadership mentor, guiding you to reconnect with the roots of who you are, and what matters most.

She reanimates a sense of purpose and empowerment with her unique blend of Sacred Feminine and Archetypal Wisdom, Character Strengths, Esoteric and Indigenous Wisdom, and habit-breaking programs that empower you to break the chains of old patterns and conditioning and bring Solace to your Soul.

Through her speaking, writing, teaching, coaching, and ongoing, interactive Solace program, Kim is a guide on the journey from the numbing status quo to the sense of peace, joy, and fulfillment that comes from aligning your Soul with your True Self.

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