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I get it.

You've got big visions, deep longings, and a force of empowerment in you that's desperate to be set free.

You're probably here because you're strong, capable, talented and so full of amazing ideas and gifts, but something seems to get in the way of you getting to experience the fulfillment you're craving, and feel like the empowered woman you know you are inside.

Maybe you can relate to these experiences and feelings:

  • Striving, day in and day out, to be "enough" and live up to the potential within you, often trying to prove that potential to others and yourself
  • Exhaustion and overwhelm that compromises your well-being, and has you snapping at loved ones around you
  • Struggling to find quality time with family and friends
  • Afraid to set and maintain boundaries because you might be rejected or ignored
  • Putting yourself down, doubting yourself, and seeking everyone else's input but yours
  • Starting to loathe the idea of "one more day" like this
  • Feeling anxious or afraid all the time, even while knowing something's GOT to change
  • You've forgotten the last time you laughed, played or created something just for fun
  • Wondering how you can have so much to offer, yet have so little ability to do so in ways that feel authentic and empowering to you

You are not alone...

Welcome! I'm Kim Marie, and I guide visionaries like you to journey from self-doubt and dissatisfaction to your aligned, empowered, and fulfilling life.

Here you’ll find ancient wisdom, archetypal stories and a little practical magic to connect you to your inner wisdom and embody the empowered lead role in your life story.

I see you, and I get how challenging the journey to our empowered Self is. Sit by the fire with a cup of tea and I’ll share my story with you.

Tea by the Fire on Sofa 92sm

This is the story of the journey to find my way home to my empowered self.

Seeking Freedom, I left home as quickly as I could after high school, escaping my role as the “responsible one” who had to “set the example” as the eldest of 5 children.

Seeking Love, I developed unhealthy attachments to people, often twisting myself into knots to be enough, feel good about myself, or stay true to my values.

Seeking Fulfillment, I moved around a lot, working my tail off for multiple degrees and certifications, and exploring many different jobs and careers. Yet I still felt dissatisfied and empty, no matter how successful I was...completely disconnected from my passions, my creative gifts, and the life I came here to live.

Seeking Approval & Belonging, I tried to fill myself up or be enough through people-pleasing, codependency, and saying yes when I wanted to say no. I lost confidence in myself and my values, and became beyond exhausted, anxious and overwhelmed in my practice of doing and being what I thought others expected of me.

Seeking Connection, I tried to figure out my purpose and how I could make a difference in the world in my unique way, often feeling lost, invisible and so sick of feeling like I needed permission to be myself.

Seeking Happiness, I found myself repeatedly dissatisfied with the results of my efforts, never feeling that what I was achieving or what I had was enough.

Seeking Answers, I ended up losing myself to gurus, partners, or other “authorities” I trusted more than myself, afraid of being shunned for asking too many questions.

Seeking Peace, in my disgust with the status quo, I explored alternatives to modern healthcare, education, economic, judicial, and religious systems, only to be scorned for my unconventional feelings and ideas by anyone uncomfortable with the unfamiliar or new.

Seeking Safety & Security, I made myself invisible, believing I needed to “do it myself,” compromising opportunities for connection and success, pushing myself to exhaustion, and betraying my creative longings in the process.

I began to wonder if there was
something wrong with me.

My life felt foreign to me, and I tried everything to feel better:

Escaping, numbing my unrest through alcohol, travel, busyness, eating disorders and perfectionism, but these only led to more self-loathing and frustration.

Therapy, which shed some light on my history, patterns and pitfalls, but I still felt stuck in the same old stories. I got tired of talking about them.

Habit-Breaking & Habit-Creating, but no matter the level of attention to mindset and practice, I kept cycling back to the same old roadblocks.

Meditation & Energy Healing, which were great for temporary relief, but I didn’t experience lasting effects. These often felt more checked-out than connected...something was missing.

Educating Myself through trainings, courses, numerology, astrology, strengths assessments, tons of books, and following a handful of gurus. I still couldn't find what I was seeking.

Oprah, religiously recording every episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show in the ‘90s, watching her and her guests talk about all the ways I could know myself better and feel more empowered. I still love Oprah, but even that wasn’t enough.

Red Shirt at Lake Sad 92sm

I finally realized that at the root of all my challenges was one common issue...

I was seeking my happiness, fulfillment, and satisfaction outside of myself.

I thought the right job, relationship, guru, weight, education, certificate, etc. would help me feel empowered and fulfilled. The thought of looking inward, no longer seeking my satisfaction elsewhere, scared me to death.

At this point, I thought I was a lost cause, and that anything inside of myself was only going to lead me astray.

What Finally Brought Me Home...

With all that I tried and learned, it was easy to convince myself that I was finally taking responsibility for my life, giving me a false sense of power.

In reality, I was giving my power away to gurus, authors, counselors, healers, and teachers only to be disappointed and left with a false sense of powerlessness that filled me with more self-doubt, self-loathing, and depression.

I had to face the extremes of false power and false powerlessness within me, and allow them to guide me toward my center of authenticity, wholeness, and truth.

What really began to shift things for me was a new perspective.

I’m not talking about getting an opinion that was different from mine.

I’m talking about seeing my life and the world in a completely different way...through the eyes of the Soul.

The Soul speaks in imagery and experiences. Seeing myself in old tales, folklore, mythology, archetypes, Nature, dreams, symbols, Indigenous Wisdom, and even the ancient arts of Astrology and Numerology, gave my Soul a voice, and helped me to understand its language.

There was nothing wrong with me. I didn’t need fixing.

Other approaches offered plenty of “how-tos” and “shoulds,” but none of them taught me to listen to and trust the language of my own Soul.

I was simply Soul-sick, and I healed by deciphering and listening to my own Soul’s language, which then allowed me to align with my unique longings and destiny.

I realized that only I could be the empowered leading character in the story of my life.

And Now...

It's like coming out of the dark woods into a light that is truly my own.

Learning this language of the Soul brought me a sense of clarity about who I am, what I want, and what I’m capable of.

Connecting to Soul is a journey, not a destination.

We’ll visit challenges and extremes repeatedly, and can learn to do so via a middle way of empowerment that doesn’t swallow us up or leave us constantly stressed or anxious.

Emerging from Woods 92sm

I realized that between success at the cost of selling our souls, and playing small at the cost of success…

There’s a middle way of empowerment and fulfillment that allows us to find…

  • Confidence in Our Inner Wisdom and believe in ourselves
  • Advocacy for Ourselves and free questioning of authority
  • Mitigation of Self-Doubt and Anxiety before they take us down
  • Discovery and Expression of Our Passions and creativity
  • Effectiveness in our work and in relating with others
  • Clarity to Make a Difference in the world with our gifts
  • Re-Enchantment with Life on all levels
  • Courage to Be Ourselves in a status quo of conformity

Helping women find their empowered middle way of Soul alignment is what I do.

Smiling in Winter Blue Praying Hands 92sm

My Passion...

The stories, symbols and archetypes of the Soul remind us that while our journey is uniquely ours, we don’t have to travel the entire path alone.

The characters in those tales have “helpers,” companions, or “wise guides” that help them navigate and find strength on their path.

This is why I adore coaching and working with groups of women, where the wisdom of each is offered for and awakened by all.

My deep fulfillment is in guiding women on their Soul’s path as a midwife of the Soul, supporting them to cross significant thresholds, remember who they are, reconnect to what matters, and rebirth themselves into the life they envision is possible.

I do this through personalized coaching/mentoring, group programs, live and self-guided online journeys, public speaking, retreats, and writing.

Yes, I bring story and archetypes into the mix, but I work with many other methods and tools gleaned from Indigenous Wisdom, the Wisdom of the Sacred Feminine, Soul-focused Leadership, Practical, Spiritual, and Eco Psychology, Energy Work, Mystery Studies, and more.

I have a special place in my heart for:

  • Midlife women ready to reinvent themselves and create life on their own terms
  • Oldest children who grew up too fast
  • Mothers longing to break the chains of ancestral patterns so their children don’t fall into the same traps they did
  • Women seeking Soul nourishment, wired for deep exploration and ready to move beyond the status quo they thought they were supposed to buy into
  • Leaders who don’t always identify as leaders, but know they’re always the one stepping up and making things happen
  • Ambitious achievers who are seen as ‘having everything anyone could want,’ yet still feel like something’s missing.
  • Entrepreneurs who get that their business is an extension of themselves, and long to extend their best Self in their work
  • Recovering addicts who are long sober, and seeking inspiring ways to stay aligned on their path and bring their immense wisdom to the world
  • Allies of marginalized communities longing to be even better at bringing peace and harmony to the world
  • Holistically minded tree huggers who deeply care about well-being and living in harmony with Nature

Some Personal Thoughts..

We’re not taught the power of self-awareness in our early years, and are left to venture blindly into the world, trying to fit into pre-determined suits and masks that we think we’re required to wear.

Systems and structures around the globe are crumbling and becoming obsolete.

We are culturally impoverished, lacking the connection & encouragement each of us needs to grow and thrive.

We must find strength within.

I believe we're being asked to awaken our inner wisdom, and meet the challenges of today’s world with new perspectives, new ideas, and radically creative and regenerative solutions that put Love and Wisdom at the helm.

In aligning with our inner wisdom and gifts, i.e. believing in our unique Soul’s expression, we can bring nourishment to the World Soul (the Anima Mundi), and watch life blossom toward a sustainable future.

This is why I do my work.

I love working with women, as I believe it's women and the rising Feminine that'll bring the transformation we’re seeking.

Women make the majority of educational, healthcare, purchasing and community choices in most households, thus holding far more power than they realize to impact future generations, and the perspectives they bring to the world.

Speaking of future generations, I also have a soft spot for working with the youth, and developed my own youth academy as a way to support them in moving into the world connected to their inner wisdom and realizing the gifts and potential they have to offer.

A Few Fun Facts...

I constantly have 3 or 4 books going at a time...mostly non-fiction...on topics that range anywhere from gardening and finance to embodying the Sacred Feminine.

I’m a mother of two amazing young men who are my greatest teachers.

I know the challenges of reinventing yourself after massive threshold moments like marriage, divorce, unexpected health issues, career changes, and stepping into entrepreneurship.

I went through Air Force Officer Training, and Yoga Teacher Training.

I have a BS in Applied Mathematics, and a BFA in Interior & Environmental Design.

I have work experience in corporate, non-profit, defense, small business, and government realms, including participation in a Federal Open Market Committee meeting with Alan Greenspan.

I was the captain of my college swim team, and still love the butterfly. I’ve graduated from chlorine pools to natural hot springs to fulfill my passion for water.

Nature is my happy place, and has been since I was a child doing gymnastics in the branches of a Beech Nut tree in my backyard, and building countless forts in the woods and snow banks.

I find deep peace in dark, snowy, winter nights by the fire, & love the Sacred Nights of Winter as my yearly Soul alignment ritual.

I’m super passionate about the awakening Sacred Feminine, but am so tired of the excessively “Goddessy” or hard core “Feminist” ways that miss the point of practical union and harmony with the Sacred Masculine.

As much of my food as possible is homemade (I make fantastic beef jerky and kale pesto), avoiding processed foods and exploring nourishment as Nature intended.

I’m inspired and informed by my Newfield Network Ontological Coach Training, and years of formal and/or self-study in Feminine Mysteries, Energy Work, Indigenous Wisdom, Mythology, Anthroposophy, Human Development, Eco-Psychology, Archetypal and Spiritual Psychology, Astrology, Numerology, Nutrition & Well-Being, Healthy Relationships, Design, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship.

I live in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, and through my passion for living more with less, I’ve found a way to create a home for myself and my boys that's a beautiful, warm, safe haven.

I love the cycle of the seasons, and my dream is to live in a cabin in the mountain woods near water, and host retreats on the land.

I'm recognized as a leading Women's Empowerment Coach by the Coach Foundation


Whew! That was a lot,
and I hope you feel you know me a bit better now.
I'd love to get to know you too.

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