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I'm excited to dive into
Mapping Your Sacred Year!

We'll gather for two 1.25 hour sessions via the online learning area.

It would be helpful for you to have note-taking material, and you might like to have a glass of water nearby and be sure you're not distracted.

You'll receive worksheets and practices to help you plan your sacred year. The worksheets are available in the learning area for downloading and printing for use as you work through the lessons.

You're free to ask questions in the free Inner Wisdom Circle in the Questions channel if you have any along the way or simply email me.

This course is available to everyone but will be especially valuable to those who've worked with the Sacred Nights of Winter Journal, as we'll be working with what showed up for us during that journey. You'll get lots of ideas for mapping your sacred year een if you didn't work with the Sacred Nights of Winter Journal.

I look forward to creating a sacred year with you!

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