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We Need a Revolution!: Or Do We?

We need a revolution! 

What does this exclamation bring up for you? Does it bring excitement? Fear? Irritability? Dismissal?

I must confess that the word revolution often brought a sense of fear and judgement for me. On the one hand, I could think of revolution as being “war-like” and judge the idea for its violence and extremism. On the other hand, I could think of it as being bigger than me or somehow impossible, and thus bringing fears or an ignoring of the idea altogether. Either way, these confessions say more about me and where I’ve been than they do about revolution.

What if we looked at revolution a bit differently? What if we could take the trigger out of the word, and create a new story for ourselves as to what a revolution could be.

Most of us think of revolution as a significant change that requires force to obtain. Think of the many revolutions in history that we are most familiar with, the American Revolution, the French Revolution, the Bolshevik Revolution, etc. Most of these are instances of revolting or rebelling “against” something with significant force and violence. The first definition of revolution that comes up if one googles the definition is “a forcible overthrow.” The second definition is “an instance of revolving,” which could imply “going in circles.”  Hmmmnnnn…Perhaps we can take a deeper look into what revolution is really all about.

If we look at the etymology of the word revolution, we find that the idea of it being associated with the overthrowing of political systems didn’t happen until around 1600. Prior to that, the word was focused on the revolving aspect, specifically the revolving of celestial bodies. Revolution stems from the word revolve, with is “to turn or roll again.” What’s interesting is that in the 15th century, this turning was thought of as being “in the mind or heart,” and it was a turning around a central point. In the late fourteenth century, it was thought of as “changing direction.”

Breaking this down, we could consider that revolution is a changing of direction in the mind or heart around a central point.

But what is the central point? And what is the changing of direction? If we are are changing our mind’s or heart’s direction, but still rotating around a central point, wouldn’t that still keep us going around in circles?

In this exploration, I couldn’t help but notice that revolution and evolution are only one letter different. In the 1600s, to evolve meant to unfold, unroll or expand.” What is this subtle difference between “unrolling” (evolution) and “rolling again” (revolution)? We hear this phrase that we need a revolution, but is that what we really need?

I’d like to throw another log on this fire of revolutionary talk, only this is a hardwood log that generates lots of heat, and burns for a very long time.

What if we thought of revolution as re-evolution? How can we think of the turning or changing direction around a central point that is revolution in connection with the rolling out and expanding that is evolution?

There’s no doubt that we need to change direction as an humanity in today’s world. Our systems aren’t working. Mother Earth is in travail, and Her/our children are ill, dying prematurely, and hurting one another in unconscionable ways. This change in direction happens within, long before we will ever see it outwardly.

But why do so many of us seem to get stuck, struggling to break through barriers and create the life we care about and know is possible? Perhaps the key to this change in direction is connected to what central point we are revolving around, and how exactly we are revolving.

The Earth and the planets revolve around the sun. The sun has the amazing power to light up the Earth and keep her in orbit around this nourishing, life-giving light. In that turning, there is an incredible harmony, rhythm, and constant growth. Without this sun at the center, the Earth would have no direction, floating aimlessly in space. In all of Her turning about the Sun, the Earth has never stopped evolving and changing. She has never stagnated as if on a treadmill, running in circles and getting nowhere. She also is turning on Her own axis as she revolves around the Sun, privy to the view of the light at the center, as well as the expansiveness beyond the circle of Her orbit. In her outward perception, she exposes herself to the even stronger force held at the center of the Galaxy around which our entire solar system revolves. She is open to every vantage point, giving and receiving in all directions.

I’ve spoken often about tuning in to the Higher Essense or your True being. We all have a spark of the Divine living in us, an inner Sun, and that spark is a force of Creation that lives in us to be used for further Creation. What if our hearts and minds turned around this center of light living within us? What does that light expose? What does it give? What power does it have?

We definitely need to connect with that center. In fact, it’s critical. But, like our Mother Earth, we are not meant to only view that direction. If we never turn away from the center to view what is beyond the circle of our own being, how can we ever connect to the greater picture beyond our own inner selves?

This is the danger of inner development work.

We can get so caught up in ourselves, whether it be our Higher Self or our hamster self that spins in circles, and never connect to anything beyond. We hear so much about all the methods and techniques out there to take us deeper into our selves, to help us find who we are, and connect to something bigger than our small selves. Inner Power Tools certainly brings this as well. A big difference Inner Power Tools and my coaching work offers is a more complete picture that brings practicality to spirituality.

Yes, we need a revolution. We need to continue turning around the central point of our Divine Essence within. We also need to unfold, exposing ourselves to new possibilities, each other, the world, the universe, the cosmos. I mentioned that we need to consider how we are revolving, turning about this center, and turning to open to possibility. Science has shown that there is another element to how the Earth moves around the Sun, which few of us know about. I believe this video explains the idea better than I ever could.

The masculine element of strength and guidance (the Sun) holds the Earth, while also having a very direct path. The feminine element of Wisdom keeps us flowing and moving forward, open to all possibilities and ever expanding, spiraling outward. This is yet another aspect of the feminine that has been forgotten, which we must now remember and take into our daily lives.

Let us create a revolution with all the strength of our masculine essence, focused on and turning about a central point of common humanity and love for the earth. Let us also do so in a way that is truly evolutionary, filled with the wisdom of our feminine essence, stepping into the flow of life and the movement toward an expanding and beautiful future we know is possible. 

I challenge you to consider this turning and unfolding, this re-evolution, as you travel your journey and face life’s challenges. Honor where you are, and know there is always a turning and shifting that brings new possibilities!

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