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Preparing the New Paradigm: We Cannot Do It Alone

I write and share with somewhat of a heavy heart.  I just took my boys to the Colorado Renaissance Festival.  This is an event that I’ve taken them to many times, and something we’ve often enjoyed very much.  We enjoyed today, but something felt very different.

I’m not sure if it was just me noticing more, or if it was that things are truly different, or perhaps a combination of these.  My boys and I noticed various things that we hadn’t in prior years, or at least not as much.  Some of the things that stood out the most were:

  1. The significant number of obese people, and people lacking in vitality.
  2. The animals that were part of some of the shows that clearly did not want to be there, such as the exotic cats for the Endangered Cats show, and the horses used in the jousting tournaments.
  3. The frequency with which we heard parents being very impatient with their children, clearly overwhelmed and stressed at having to “deal with” their wandering, whining or “difficult” child.
  4. The lack of consideration for the earth, and how many people would just throw trash on the ground without a care.
  5. The lack of consideration for differences, such as the woman who was annoyed when I asked about the fiber in the sweaters she was selling because I’m sensitive to acrylic and cannot wear it.
  6. The number of intoxicated and smoking people.
  7. The increased focus on “blood shed” in the jousting tournaments, such that they even had spattering “blood” for dramatic effect in the battles.
  8. The lack of awareness for others, as people bumped into one another, crowded each other, and cursed around each other.

Now, I’m not saying there were not also some very lovely moments.  There were many vendors who were very polite and thoughtful, like the woman in the booth with the shirts, capes and shawls she makes out of fabric she hand weaves on a loom with natural fibers, who remembered me and my boys and took time to say hello.  I’ve longed for one of her shirts for years, but have never yet been able to afford it.  They are well worth the money, but beyond my budget, and we always express our awe and gratitude for the beautiful products she creates.  She was grateful to see us and experience once again our deep appreciation for her artisanship.

There were other joyful moments, like watching some of the performers who genuinely seemed to experience joy in making others laugh and in sharing their talents.  There were some families seeming to have a lovely time and enjoy each other.  The day itself was beautiful.  The many incredible artisans and their wares were wonderful to behold.

Yet, I came home with a very heavy heart in noticing how few people seemed to truly appreciate the gifts this festival offered, but rather seemed to want to “check out” through being blindly entertained, intoxicated, or emptily comforted by the massive amounts of toxic foods being sold.  My heart became heavier as my boys began sharing on our way home that they noticed many of these things this year, without my pointing them out.  There is pain in my heart.  I have deep compassion for the many people struggling today to find true joy, to connect with others in meaningful ways, and to feel a sense of vitality and wellness that brings them enthusiasm for life and its many creative opportunities.

For the past 3 or 4 months, I’ve been feeling a deeper calling for my work.  I love what I do.  My own practice and inner development efforts have opened so many opportunities for me.  The tagline for my business, Preparing the New Paradigm, has been standing out for me as an ever more important focus for our times.  It is time for significant change, and the call for this change is urgent.  It is through Wisdom (Sophia) that we will be guided to this change, and it is becoming more and more obvious that this Divine Feminine energy is indeed rising, and asking us to pay more attention.  It is with this energy that we will find balance with the strong masculine energy that is so prevalent in today’s culture.

I’ve been noticing the questions I’m being asked by others, and where people seem to want the most support.  I have teenagers asking me how to sleep better, experience less stress, and understand themselves and others.  I have mothers asking me how to nourish their families better and find balance in the chaos of modern living.  I have men asking me how to connect to something more than what they grew up with, longing to find a deeper soul connection.  I have entrepreneurs asking me how to align with meaningful work and make a difference in the world, while not succumbing to the stress and overwhelm of being a business owner.  In general, what I see is a need for simple, every day tools and actions that help people return to the essence of who they are, to connect to the Earth, and to connect to each other in more meaningful, purposeful and creative ways.   I see a call to a collaborative, loving and caring culture.  This is a call to acknowledge the feminine principles and find balance in our lives.

I’ve been deeply blessed with my community, family and opportunities.  My spiritual path and work of inner development have served me well, and continues to do so.  I wanted to share much of this with others, and still do.  Yet I’m realizing that I’ve been going about it in a way that is not most effective.  I’ve written many long, contemplative articles, which, while offering some wonderful insights, are often too much to work with on a day to day basis.  I’ve developed some courses that while supporting a deeper awareness of the self, again end up being too much for many in a world that is already overloading people with more than they can handle or digest.

Seeing what I saw at the Renaissance Festival, along with a number of other beautiful insights and inspirations I’ve received in the past few weeks, is helping me to realize that I need to shift gears with my work.  I need to amp things up and reach more people, yet in more simplified and reachable ways.  We need to work together as a community of people with compassionate and loving hearts, reconnecting to the Earth, and all of life, and reconnecting to who we are truly meant to be in our most vital essence, sharing our gifts and moving toward co-creating a world culture that is sustainable, and promotes wellness and connection.

I don’t know how this will happen.  I don’t know what form my work will take.  All I know in this moment is that I’m being called to make some changes, and they will come.  I am grateful to the many people who have been interested in the work I am offering.  I would love to hear from you as to any ideas and needs you have for supporting you on your journey, bringing you to a greater state of wellness, and connecting you with vitality and community in a way that feels nourishing and sustaining.  Please share your thoughts with me.  Please tell me what ails you, what you long for, what you know in your heart is possible and aren’t sure how to manifest.  We cannot do this alone.  We all need each other to prepare the new paradigm asking to be birthed.

I thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings.  I sincerely hope you will take a moment in your busy day to share a few things with me.   Please also take a moment to share this note with others you think may be interested in sharing their thoughts and ideas.  I really want to hear from many people.  I know that we can create something beautiful together.  Let’s give it a try!

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