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New Beginnings 2017

Last year was a huge series of transformations and shifts.

Numerologically, it was a 9 year (2+0+1+6), which means it’s energy was full of endings. I’ve not run into one person that didn’t have significant completions or endings in their life.

How did these endings show up for you?

In my life and business, these endings came through transformation. I’ve spent much of 2016 letting go of things that no longer served me, my family, or those I wish to serve and support. I let go of certain relationships, habits, patterns, beliefs, and ways of showing up in the world.

This required some serious “Come-to-Jesus” moments in which I had to face all that was not working. In some cases, that came with the shame that expressed itself something like:

“How could I have been so blind, so passive, or so stupid!”

Are you familiar with these feelings?

It can be easy to go to a place of self loathing around all of the things we “woulda-coulda-shoulda” done differently.

The thing is, if we knew better, don’t you think we might have done better?

If you’re seeing it now, that’s what matters. If you’ve been willing to take a look at what’s not working, or if life forced you to take a look, then you now have a most amazing gift for your soul.

Once we see the things that aren’t working for us, we then have the opportunity to discover things that will work and serve to help us realize our highest potential.

There were also some things I didn’t want to let go of, but it was time to do so. Perhaps you’ve had some relationships or circumstances that’ve been difficult to move away from, and perhaps you didn’t have a say in whether or not you wanted to let go of them.

Again, even with the things we may not want to let go of, all that moves on from our lives makes room for all that is waiting to arrive.

I’ve found in recent years that the more I embrace the idea that with every challenge that comes (and challenge almost always seems to come with some kind of letting go or ending), there’s always growth and new experiences that follow.

This is the way of Nature. For every birth, there must be a death. Such is the cycle of life.

In embracing life, and trusting in the magic of the process, we can open to the beauty of what’s seeking abode in our souls.

Since 2016 was a numerological 9 year of endings, that makes 2017 a 1 year of beginnings. Many people, myself included, are expressing a certain energy that’s nudging them toward new opportunities, new possibilities, new longings, and new inspirations.

What do you feel calling to you, asking to be birthed through you in 2017?

Last year, I created this weekly newsletter of Inner Power Tools. As we think about the year to come, and all that is longing to be birthed, I wish to share a reminder that true power is powerlessness.


Yes, true power is powerlessness.

Think of a mother giving birth. Aside from artificial intervention of the natural birth process, there is nothing naturally that can be done to alter the course of the child’s birth.

That baby is coming when it’s ready, in it’s own time!

In order for that birth to happen in the most healthy way, the mother must let go and surrender to what is coming. Her true power comes in understanding that she’s actually powerless to fight against the laws of Nature, and thus aligns herself with Higher Will.

In that surrender and letting go, she’s not at all passive. She’s quite active. She positions herself to work with what is, breathes through discomfort, expresses her needs, and tunes into her body. She is 100% present to what is happening, and taking steps in each moment to meet what is.

A first time mother has no idea if what she does will help, but she tries. She experiments. She shifts. She listens to her body, and even the child asking to be born. Most of all, she trusts, knowing that Nature, i.e. the Great Mother, will show her what to do, and give her corrections as needed.

True power comes from the alignment with Divine Will, which only happens as we surrender our lower ego self to allow for our Divine Essence to be embodied in full presence. This is the way of creation…the way of the Sacred Feminine acting in perfect harmony with the way of the Sacred Masculine.

What will you birth in 2017?

What tends to get in the way of what wants to come through you?

What will it take for you to let go of all preconceived ideas of how things should happen or what they will look like?

The essence of your soul is seeking union with your pure spirit. Our task as human beings is to bring a marriage between Spirit and Matter, Heaven and Earth, Masculine and Feminine.

How do you balance the masculine and feminine within?

As you are pregnant with a Divine Child of Light longing to be born within you, allow these final days of the Holy Nights, the Sacred Nights of Winter, to continue to inspire you.

I invite you to take some time to pay attention to your dreams, notice what’s calling you, and consider a theme to walk with along your path into this new year.

Rather than setting resolutions, or even intentions, simply listen. Listen to what is asking to be birthed. Learn its needs. What theme do you notice as you listen to various inspirations?

Consider what you’re willing to commit to in this year of new beginnings. What matters most to you? What is non-negotiable in your life that you want to protect and take care of this year?

Don’t worry about how anything will come to be. Simply know that it can. Know that you’ll be guided and supported by the very same Divine energy that inspired you in the first place.

May your 2017 be blessed, and filled with new inspiration, imagination and intuition. May you have the courage and resolve to follow your heart and know that you’re forever held in the arms of the Great Mother, inspired by the Great Father, and guided by the spark of Divine Child Light within you!

May we all be blessed with new beginnings!

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