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An Offer of Limitlessness

I wonder if you can relate to any of these feelings?

You feel fragmented, isolated, and depleted. You long for deeper meaning, and know there’s got to be a better way.  You feel despair over the state of the world and wonder if you can adequately make a difference. You particularly wonder how to effectively support your children to confidently and strongly meet the future in a world that feels so out of sync. You long for clarity and perspective, wanting to move forward through the barriers you feel in place yet know don’t belong there.

You don’t buy the old story anymore. It’s time to create a new one.

I’ve been working on a program to support you in creating your new story. In this new story, you feel empowered, connected to your inner wisdom, and are living your truth. You feel less isolated, and more connected. You have a place to feel safe and supported, woman to woman, mother to mother. You have the tools, courage and strength to break through the barriers that have been standing in the way, and you feel like you are adaptable enough to meet what comes. You feel confident and nurtured, and are better able to nurture your family. You understand the journey, and sincerely love it as you relate better with every being and every experience you encounter on the path. In fact, you have a sense of limitlessness, having excavated the buried treasure you hold within you, bringing your gifts to the surface and knowing how to contribute them toward a more beautiful future for your children.

You know you are a wise creator, ready to bring your gifts to the world, and nurture your children and family toward a future you believe in.

How does that sound?

If this new story resonates for you, I’d like for you to contact me so we can have a conversation. I’d love to know your story, and how I can support you to make your new story a reality for you.

For some time now, I’ve held the belief that it is women, mothers in particular, who will be the change agents of the future. 

It is women and mothers who 

  • make most of the purchasing and consumption choices in the family,
  • are connected most strongly to intuition,
  • see from a broader perspective,
  • are often the strongest influence in how children are raised and who they become, and
  • are more naturally connected and attuned to the feminine side of life.

Consider that as women and mothers become stronger, we as an humanity have the opportunity to transform, evolving to a new way of existing. Our families, our communities, our schools, our politics, our economics, our nations, etc. all have the opportunity to shift toward a more balanced approach that honors both the leading, initiating and productive side found within the masculine and the responsive, receptive, nurturing, and intuitively wise side found within the feminine.

The masculine is needed, and is not to be replaced by the feminine. Yet we see so clearly that without the feminine having been included in our ways of existing in so many cultures for so long, our masculine has become infected with greed, conquest, apathy, oppression, selfishness, separation and, among other things, excessive rational thinking that excludes the wisdom to discern the impacts of our actions from a broader perspective.

As we allow the power of the feminine to come forth, bringing its intuition, nurtured/creative information, and emotional and interpersonal connection to the Soul (…of Self, other, and World), we also bring forth the masculine capacity within our Highest/Spirit Selves to act with wisdom, lead with honor, and align with what is right and good for all. 

The long-standing imbalance has affected all of us, regardless of gender. Women have the closest access to returning to balance, simply based on how we are wired. This is a significant part of why I believe that women and mothers hold the key to the future, and why I’m creating this new program.

Sadly, too many women and mothers live steeped in disconnection and disempowerment, plagued by this pervasive imbalance.

Please contact me and let’s talk about where you are in your life, and if a program of empowerment, balance and limitlessness such as I’ve described here feels like a good fit for you.

If you have a friend or group of friends that you think this would be a great fit for, please pass this along to them, and let them know I’d love to speak with them too!

I’ll be sharing more about my program soon. In the meantime, I hope that this vision of a beautifully balanced masculine and feminine within inspires you to envision a more beautifully balanced future for humanity and the Earth.

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