Resisting Normal to Find Your Truth: Keys to Self Empowerment

Resisting Normal to Find Your Truth:
Keys to Living a Life of Self Empowerment

A Playshop to Come Home to Yourself

Next Session: Tuesday, October 31st
10am MT / 12pm ET / 9am PT

Tired of the self-doubt loop, not trusting yourself, betraying yourself, or constantly feeling disempowered? What if you could...

Find Your Truth

and live with the freedom of being your most empowered self?

We've spent too much time resisting our truth and losing it while trying to fit into "normal."
It's time to upset the apple cart, and resist normal to find your truth!

Discover key tools to holistic empowerment, i.e. empowerment that brings ALL of you into balance, harmony, well-being, and full expression, that will set you on a path toward the life of fulfillment you've been longing for.

Join me on this free 60 minute journey to self-empowerment.

Tuesdsay, October 31st, 10am MT / 12pm ET / 9am PT

In this playshop for women you'll:

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    Hear about my powerful shift from a sense of disempowerment and disconnection to being completely in love with life

  • Remember-Feather-72sqsm

    Learn 4 key stages every woman must navigate through to find her truth and step into her most empowered self

  • Remember-Feather-72sqsm

    Tap into your inner wisdom and gain insight as to what might be holding you back

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    Discover powerful tools to move you out of self doubt and overwhelm, and find your truth

  • Remember-Feather-72sqsm

    Reconnect to and come home to YOU

Enjoy a playful exploration of how to resist the so-called "normal" of life, and create a new empowering normal for yourself that you'll feel inspired to live every day. It's time to reclaim the magic in your life, live in your truth, and share your beautiful gifts with the world.

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Self Empowerment
Kim Marie at desk smiling with confidence

Meet Your Playshop Host:

Kim Marie is a Women's Empowerment Coach supporting her clients to awaken their inner wisdom and transform their lives.

Through Kim's own journey of resisting normal to find her truth, she discovered magic she never thought possible!

Through her powerful mentoring, programs, courses, and retreats, as well as her group coaching program, Solace, Kim brings a unique, and magical, blend of ancient wisdom, archetypes, Soul-led leadership, and practical spirituality to support visionary women longing to stop betraying themselves by compromising who they are.

Kim supports women to remember who they are, reconnect to what matters most, and rebirth themselves into the life of freedom they envision.

Next Session: Tuesday, October 31st
10am MT / 12pm ET / 9am PT

Join this informative and transformational 60 minutes to find a new normal to your life that feels empowering and completely aligned with who you are.

You can find your truth and self empowerment, starting today!

Self Empowerment
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