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Sacred Nights of Winter

A Journal of Preparation, Purification & Renewal

Sacred Nights of Winter Journal by Women's Empowerment Coach Kim Marie

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Sacred Nights Form
I have an additional special gift for you.

Inspired by courses I've taught about the time leading up to the Sacred Nights of Winter, a few years ago in preparing my 4th edition of the journal, I created a video for you to enjoy over a cup of tea in preparation for the Sacred Nights of Winter.

Even those who've watched it before share how much they enjoy the video as a supportive way to enter into the darkest and most potent time of year with intention and connection.

Feel free to return to my website and review my blog, programs, and other details. I look forward to connecting more as this magical season unfolds!

Warm Winter Wishes,

Enjoy Preparing for the Sacred Nights
Light in the Darkness

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