Thank You for Purchasing the Sacred Nights of Winter Journal

Sacred Nights of Winter

A Journal of Preparation, Purification & Renewal


Thank You
for Purchasing the

Journals will begin shipping in mid November in the order in which they were purchased. Downloadable journals will be ready slightly before that.

In the meantime, you're invited to join me in our private Sacred Nights Circle where I share inspiration and answer questions leading up to and throughout the Sacred Nights of Winter. (see below for more details)

I have an additional special gift for you.

Inspired by courses I've taught about the time leading up to the Sacred Nights of Winter, a few years ago in preparing my 4th edition of the journal, I created a video for you (see below) to enjoy over a cup of tea in preparation for the Sacred Nights of Winter.

Even those who've watched it before share how much they enjoy the video as a supportive way to enter into the darkest and most potent time of year with intention and connection.

Please explore the Sacred Nights Circle, a private community space just for those working with the Sacred Nights of Winter journal, where I'll be sharing Nightly Oracle card drawings and added video teachings to go along with your Sacred Nights Journey. It's a short 5 minute onboarding process if you're not already part of my free Inner Wisdom Circle community (you'll be added to the Sacred Nights of Winter Circle automatically if you are) that requires you to have a profile photo ready to upload and answer a few questions for your bio.

The Sacred Nights Circle is a private part of my main Inner Wisdom Circle, a free community growing steadily. I have a vision for the Inner Wisdom Circle to be a go-to place for nurturing and inspiring connection, with events, connection, resources and more!

Feel free to return to my website and review my blog, programs, and other details for added inspiration. I look forward to connecting more as this magical season unfolds!

Warm Winter Wishes,

Enjoy Preparing for the Sacred Nights
Light in the Darkness

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