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Here you'll find great external resources* that I've found helpful on my own journey and highly recommend, whether to support you in your Sacred Nights of Winter journey, your coaching, or simply your own path of inner development.

Oracle Cards


Journaling Tools

Moleskine 5"x8.25" Plain Journals

I have multiples going for different domains of life.

Favorite Journal


I love this with the 5x8.25 Moleskine journals!

Moleskine 7.5"x9.5" Journals

Great for Sacred Nights of Winter if using the pdf version or wanting more space than the journal has.

Archival Journaling Pens

Great quality pens for the artist and the journaler in you.

Holiday Season Resources

The Return of the Light

A beautiful set of stories for the darkest nights of the year.

Mary's Little Donkey

Wonderful for young children, including the child within you seeking greater trust in life!

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

A favorite poem and picture book for contemplation.

Yule Oracle

A gorgeous deck for Yuletide inspiration.

Disclaimer: Many of the links above are Amazon or other affiliate links, which means I earn a bit of income if you purchase from them, with no added cost to you. Thank you for supporting me by using my affiliate links! I hope you enjoy these resources.

Balance and Empowerment Cards by Women's Empowerment Coach Kim Marie

Support for Navigating Today's Extremes

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Balance and Empowerment Cards
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