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Wisdom of Fairy Tales


The Most Powerful Way I’ve Discovered to Reconnect with the Language of Your Soul!

Throughout our journey, we’ll explore:

  • Themes in the tales, and how they relate to our lives today
  • Archetypes and metaphors that can serve as guidance on our life path
  • Shadows living in the tales that show up in our own lives
  • Reconciling the feminine and the masculine through the tales’ teachings
  • How to orient ourselves on the map of our own unique journey, and apply the wisdom teachings as needed

This journey will be empowering for you if…

  • You’re standing at a threshold of transition in your life, longing for inspiration and wisdom to move forward
  • You’re longing to reconnect to your Soul’s passions
  • You enjoy the power of story, and would like a little of the magic for yourself rather than just watching children enjoy it
  • You’re curious to learn more about how fairy tales can bring understanding to our development and unfolding as human beings (including for your children)
  • You have an open mind to re-enchanting your life in new ways
  • You long for a community of kindred spirits also ready for new possibilities
  • You were an English major and loved analyzing stories, you nerd out over folklore, and you’d love to be back in the classroom while expanding your sense of soul-led wonder
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An self-study online course to re-enchant your Soul while being immersed in the magical language of archetype, metaphor, and all that fairy tales offer to reignite the magic in our lives and reconnect with our Soul’s Inner Wisdom. (Lessons use recorded sessions from a previously live version of the course.)


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