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Removing Distractions

Today’s blog challenge is about distractions.  I work from home, so distractions are definitely an issue for me.  It’s all too easy to throw in a load of laundry, do something in the kitchen, tidy something up around the house, and of course get lost online.  I could work elsewhere, but I like the quiet and convenience of being with all that I require, in my own space.

A commitment I’m making to myself this year has to do with honoring MY schedule.  I’m incredible at honoring everyone else’s schedule, and showing up for those commitments, but I’m admittedly less disciplined about doing that for myself.  My work seems to get fitted in around time with my children, volunteer time at their school, time for friends, scheduled appointments with clients, scheduled classes, etc. 

When I say MY schedule, I am referring to those things that require only my involvement.  This includes time for writing my book, putting curriculum together for courses, updating my website, inner development, and personal nurturing.  I don’t have to answer to anyone for these things, but I’m finally realizing that I MUST answer to myself!

So, what distracts me from these things?  Interruptions!!  When I’m working on my schedule, and a phone call or email comes in, I often answer it.  This throws me off not only for the time to answer the call, but also for the time to refocus my attention back to my own scheduled items.   It’s usually during this time prior to refocusing that other distractions like laundry come in.  The one thing I’m committed to doing to honor my schedule is to refrain from answering those calls or emails when I’m in the middle of my scheduled personal time.

To go along with this, I am committing to actually putting those personal items I want to fulfill on my calendar with set times so that I can fulfill them in those predetermined spaces, rather than simply fitting them in around everything else.  My hope is that in doing this, I will not feel like I’m constantly working…trying to fit things in anywhere I can, rather than having designated times for work and designated times for rejuvenation!

How do you get distracted?  What kinds of things can you do to stay focused on what’s important to you?  Here’s to enjoying your focused time!

Note:  This blog challenge comes from Natalie Sisson’s 15 Day Blog Challenge .

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