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Mother’s 12 Keys to Happiness (Part 2)

While experiencing the tribal community and it’s joy and connectedness during my visit to North Dakota, I felt deeply connected to the Great Mother, and experienced 12 Key’s to Happiness that were present in the peaceful people there. Last week, I spoke of the keys that relate to Remembering (Letting Go, Accepting, Being in the Flow) and Reconnecting (Nature, Simplicity, Community), setting the foundation for creating a new future (See Part 1 HERE).

This week, I’d like to continue sharing my observations and the Mother’s Keys that relate to Re-envisioning and Rebirthing our future and our selves.


With the courage to Remember who we are, and Reconnect to what is important for our Soul and the Soul of the World, we are now ready to Re-envision the future. This stage can come with resistance, particularly because we know that seeing and creating a new future usually requires new action, action that is not necessarily easy or comfortable for us. As we move to envision a new future and/or way of being for ourselves, we can keep three keys in mind.

KEY #7: Positivity / Hope – Those I spoke to in the camps who were committed and joyful were constantly speaking of what they were grateful for, what hope they had for the cause they were standing for, and how they were choosing to believe in themselves when thinking of facing the cold winter ahead. They did not speak about or focus upon what was difficult, and certainly did not think of anything as being “wrong,” as I know I often have in times of challenge.

How might you be able to look at your experiences as being the perfect opportunity for your soul to express itself, learn and evolve? Can you decide today to believe in yourself and your dreams a bit more strongly? Can you find the benefits and opportunity in your situations?

KEY #8: Faith – Faith is to know or trust without seeing or understanding. Those who experience happiness have great Faith in something beyond common understanding. There is a knowing that guidance, truth and love is always available, and that all is unfolding as it needs to. There is a willingness to take a step and trust that one will be guided to pivot if need be.

How often do you find yourself paralyzed in a longing to know or to see the details of what simply isn’t ready to be seen? What would it take for you to take a step with the knowing that you will be guided, one step at a time, toward your Soul’s destiny?

KEY #9: Attunement – Happiness comes with attunement. To attune is to become receptive. Receptivity is the ultimate quality of the feminine.  As we attune to our highest self, with faith and hope, we can begin to Imagine (spiritually see) new possibilities that are aligned with Higher Wisdom. We are Inspired (spiritually hearing) with new ideas, and our Intuition (spiritual knowing) is strong.

How often do you allow yourself to openly receive Imagination, Inspiration and Intuition? Can you remain quiet and still long enough to do so, or do you find yourself constantly busy or distracted?


When we are tuned in, with Faith and Hope, we are able to be a vessel for something new to come through. We are now empty, aligned and clear about our purpose and direction. We know what’s important. From this place, we behave differently. We speak differently. We see differently. More becomes possible from this new place, and thus we free ourselves from the encapsulation that keeps us stuck in the status quo. With our new possibilities, we are able to move toward joy. We are able, with these final three keys of the Mother, to birth a part of our Higher Self and bring true happiness into our lives.

KEY #10: Service / Sacred Action – One of the primary goals of our trip to North Dakota, along with standing in solidarity with our brothers and sisters there, was to be of service. I’ve mentioned in other writings that I have come to feel that service is simply sacred action taken for the good of all. Tyson, an ex-military man with exceptional knowledge about building Ojibwa Waginogans lit up with the opportunity to share his gift with the youth that came to help, and the youth lit up with the opportunity to learn and share their support. Everyone around us in the camp was ready to lend a hand, support another, offer encouragement or simply share a smile or kind word.

Sacred action can be large or small, with many or few, for yourself or for others. In what ways do you serve a greater cause? Can you serve your Higher Self by taking more time for Her or nurturing Her better? Can you serve the Earth by bringing more awareness and conscientious action to your daily practices? Can you serve others by seeing their Highest and enabling their greatest potential?

KEY # 11: Perseverance – The people at the Standing Rock Reservation had so much to do in order to prepare for the winter. Yet this did not seem to deter anyone. Even experiencing difficulties such as late arrivals of supplies or a lack of expertise or hands to help, the happiest people found joy in persevering anyway. And, of course, there were the Water Protectors who have chosen to be “arrestable” and persevere each day, even knowing they may get arrested, by going to the front lines to hinder the construction of the Black Snake that will bring inevitable disaster if allowed to complete. This perseverance keeps them going, honors their cause, and ultimately brings us to the final Key to Happiness.

KEY #12: Effectiveness – A year ago, I had a profound conversation with an Indigenous Elder who shared that the ultimate key to happiness is being effective. When we feel effective, we feel happy. It is no wonder our entire group felt so happy being in North Dakota, as we all felt very effective in our contributions and support.

Consider for a moment how much of our day is spent being ineffective. Think of the scramble to get things done, the distractions of media and the constant borage of information, and the stress, illness or fatigue that get in the way of feeling effective.

Now, consider also when you do feel effective. Do you notice that happiness? Can you connect with the joy you experience with a job well done? What kinds of things do you take for granted, rather than celebrating and taking time to enjoy that effectiveness? What if we started honoring our effectiveness by simply celebrating that we effectively get out of bed each day with our health, food, warmth and friends to support us?  I’m certainly interested in starting my day with Happy….Are you?

To summarize and reflect, consider where you are on your journey in life or with any particular situation. Take a look at this list of the Mother’s 12 Keys to Happiness, and see how you might use one or more of them to support you in moving forward and finding joy.


  • Let Go / Detach
  • Accept
  • Be In the Flow


  • Nature
  • Simplicity
  • Community / Order / Expression


  • Positivity / Hope
  • Faith
  • Attunement


  • Service / Sacred Action
  • Perseverance
  • Effectiveness

What makes these the Mother’s Keys?

I invite you to take a moment to consider a Mother’s love for her children. When that love is fully available, she supports her child to know who they are, while being who she is (Remembering). She remains connected to something beyond herself, and supports her children to feel connected throughout their lives, such that she and they can realize their full potential and progress along the path of life (Reconnecting). A Mother’s love is always envisioning new possibilities and opportunities for her children and her life (Re-envisioning). She guides her children with hope for the future, persevering, serving and doing what it takes to bring forth that future with truth, beauty and goodness for all (Rebirthing).

The Great Mother nurtures, connects and empowers her children to be confident, strong, healthy, loving, and loved. She helps her children to blossom into the full shining star that they are, and to see the shining starlight in all relations. The Great Mother is the ultimate medicine for our lives and our future. She helps us to realize the healing medicine we each individually have to offer Humanity and the Earth, and to see the healing medicine in all of life.

May we all find our way to the Great Mother’s open arms, and know that she is always here supporting and encouraging our every step.


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