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Coming Undone to Become

The beginning of February marks the Gaelic Festival of Imbolc, St. Brigid’s Day, the Christian Festival of Candlemas, and the Chinese New Year.

While many people think of Solstices and Equinoxes as being the beginnings of the seasons, Indigenous Wisdom considers the Solstices and Equinoxes to be the peaks of the seasons.

Imbolc is celebrated as the beginning of Spring, honoring the hearth and home, and connected with purification and spring cleaning.

Candlemas is about the presentation of the Lord and the purification of the Virgin Mary, which we could think of archetypally as a presentation or quickening of the Spirit Seed that was planted within us during the Sacred Nights of Winter, and the process of purifying involved to allow that seed to germinate and grow.

Perhaps the Chinese are more accurate to celebrate the New Year at this Natural time of new beginnings, as opposed to January 1st as most of the world does. 

Just as the seeds beneath the surface in Nature begin to quicken, we too might feel a stirring in the Soul, hinting at what wants to emerge for us in this new year.

Sometimes this quickening can generate a longing to emerge that might be accompanied by an impatience due to the seed not yet being ready to pierce the surface and come into the light.

We might feel a sense of discomfort and unease, much like the seeds below the surface as they crack, longing to fully open, though not yet being able to do so. We may feel confused or frustrated. One day it may seem sunny and hopeful, and the next, there may be a frigid cold that passes through, threatening to stop us.

We might feel trapped, stuck or like we’re suffocating. Or we might feel ourselves dissolving, much like the caterpillar that must completely dissolve in order to emerge with wings to fly.

We might feel aspects that were previously hardened within us beginning to soften and melt, giving way to something else that wants to be noticed and tended to.

There’s a quiet and stillness that remains from the dark nights of Winter, asking us to listen patiently and make space for what wants to emerge. We’re asked to purify our being by letting go of what hasn’t worked for us. Perhaps we need to let go of old relationships, eliminate unnecessary “stuff” from our homes, acknowledge and prepare to release old habits that keep us stuck, or let go of old stories that block us from seeing new possibilities. 

This is a process of coming undone.

We must unravel, coming face to face with all that we are, strengths and shortcomings, in order to reconnect to the full, True Essence of our being. 

As Cynthia Ocelli notes,

“For a seed to achieve its greatest expression, it must come completely undone. The shell cracks, its insides come out and everything changes. To someone who doesn’t understand growth, it would look like complete destruction.” 

This is not an easy process. Our Sun during the first week of February is sidereally in the middle of the constellation of Capricorn, which offers us the gift of Courage. I believe this gift is precisely given at this time of year to help us with this process of coming undone for the sake of becoming. 

Our Souls cry out from below the surface, seeking freedom, asking us to listen. Sometimes it’s painful to do so, knowing all that must be let go of in order to answer the call. We might listen for a moment, and then move on with our lives as if we didn’t hear it. Sometimes it’s not that we’re ignoring it, but that it’s simply not the right time for us to follow the call.

The call never disappears. It taps us on the shoulder again and again until we’re ready to heed it with complete devotion. We might be willing to take a couple of steps in the direction of the call, and then have to wait for another year or time in our life to move further toward it.

We’re on a constant journey of coming undone in order to become. We’ve been conditioned by cultural “norms” to live and be a certain way. We’ve gotten very good at fitting into these norms. When the call comes to us, it’s never about staying within the confines of the status quo.

We’re asked to step into completely new territory.

In these modern times, it seems much is coming undone. Old systems are not serving. People are waking up to the inefficacy of old ways of doing things. There’s a longing for something different. Humanity as a whole is being called to something new.

While we each have our own call to heed, personalized for our own unique destiny, we’re all in the same boat of being called to connect to our true Soul’s longing.

Only in listening to the song of our Soul can we truly know ourselves, and in knowing ourselves, we’re able to generate the change being called for by the World Soul.

I don’t believe we can do this alone. We see ourselves reflected in others. We find sustenance in the support and encouragement of others. We find fulfillment in being of service to others on their journeys.

Coming undone doesn’t have to be painful. It can be something we welcome and embrace as part of our natural, evolutionary unfolding. The belief that there’s something “wrong” with coming undone and stepping out of the status quo is what has us suffering through the process.

What if there’s everything “right” about honoring the call of your Soul, no matter how uncomfortable or challenging?

What is your Soul crying out to you?

Are you listening?

Here’s to coming fully undone to truly become the full expression of who you are!

My new community program, Solace, is a beautiful group of those ready to fully listen to the calling of their Soul’s longing. Solace is a powerful program that guides you through the Soul’s journey, supporting you to move beyond the old patterns that keep you stuck, and offering you the Sacred Tools needed to step fully into the Truth of who you are.

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